agile software development

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agile software development

An umbrella term for a variety of best practices in creating applications and information systems. These methods have proven to be more effective in dealing with changing requirements during the development phase, which always seem to occur. Also called "lean programming," the agile methods emphasize teamwork, customer involvement and, most significantly, the creation of small or partial pieces of the total system that are tested in a user environment. For example, an application with 25 features might be prototyped with only five or six thoroughly completed before adding more, and so on.

The "Agile Manifesto" was created in 2001 by 17 people involved with Scrum, XP and other software development methods, and the Agile Alliance ( was founded to promote the agile philosophy. Contrast with waterfall development. See Scrum, XP and iterative development.

The Agile Manifesto
Following is a summary of the philosophy behind the Manifesto (for details on all twelve of its principles, visit It states that although the items on the right have value, the items on the left (in bold) have more value.

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

Working software over comprehensive documentation.

Customer collaboration over contract negotiations.

Responding to change over following a plan.
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Teams established their own agile processes and selected different tools and methods to complete their work.
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In business contexts, this translates into higher costs, less agile processes, longer lead times, increasingly frustrated employees, and profoundly confused customers.
Headfitted Solutions, is India-based Software Development Company, it has 8+ years of experience and 40+ employees, and works on Scrum and Agile Processes.
Partnering with Queensland-based Venn IT Solutions, the CoreLogic disaster recovery strategy will be provided as a service on Commvault's data platform, releasing resources into higher-value areas of its customer's business and accelerate the shift from rigid tape backups to more agile processes.
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If companies are to keep pace, they must adopt Agile processes and equip their mainframe-inexperienced staff with familiar tools that enable faster delivery of mainframe code.
This has demanded from us a big effort and internal changes as a way of improving the transparency of all our journal's processes and, when possible, making of them more agile processes as an attempt to meet all requirements needed to be included in such databases.
Customers will benefit from leveraging product synergies and additional resources allowing for world-class development, testing, QA and other agile processes.
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To make this shift there is an onus on the wider business to start listening to their development team, develop a better understanding of new agile processes and how they are not limited to the world of software.
Agile processes harness change for the customer's competitive advantage.

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