agile software development

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agile software development

An umbrella term for a variety of best practices in creating applications and information systems. These methods have proven to be more effective in dealing with changing requirements during the development phase, which always seem to occur. Also called "lean programming," the agile methods emphasize teamwork, customer involvement and, most significantly, the creation of small or partial pieces of the total system that are tested in a user environment. For example, an application with 25 features might be prototyped with only five or six thoroughly completed before adding more, and so on.

The "Agile Manifesto" was created in 2001 by 17 people involved with Scrum, XP and other software development methods, and the Agile Alliance ( was founded to promote the agile philosophy. Contrast with waterfall development. See Scrum, XP and iterative development.

The Agile Manifesto
Following is a summary of the philosophy behind the Manifesto (for details on all twelve of its principles, visit It states that although the items on the right have value, the items on the left (in bold) have more value.

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

Working software over comprehensive documentation.

Customer collaboration over contract negotiations.

Responding to change over following a plan.
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Each provided insight into their respective core system transformation projects as well as contributed to a detailed discussion on industry trends and the use of Agile Methodology within the insurance industry.
To that end, Yoh is currently using its expertise in agile methodology talent to help companies source the talent they need while connecting agile professionals with the roles and companies best-suited to their abilities.
By using agile methodology, customer feedback is incorporated into the system throughout the development process.
RS analysed extensive global data to identify key customer concerns and frustrations and implemented an Agile methodology that enabled it to achieve unprecedented levels of collaboration across the business to introduce and test the enhancements made.
Agile Bootcamp - intended for teams at varying stages of agile methodology adoption who need an immersion session in the full framework of Scrum practice.
About Jim Highsmith Recognized globally as a founder of the "Adaptive" Agile methodology and a co-author of the Agile Manifesto, Jim Highsmith is one of the most sought after for guidance through an Agile transformation.
The two are helping medical device companies gain the speed and quality advantages of Agile methodology while ensuring that their processes and documentation are both nimble and fully compliant with this partnership.
Practicing Agile methodology in his own business, Scarborough drove successful Agile campaigns for a range of companies.
Timely deployment of the Nonresponse Follow-up (NRFU), the largest Decennial operation by orders of magnitude, is an example of how the iterative processes of Agile methodology aligns with government projects.
Johnny Scarborough, chief Agilist at Eliassen Group, will moderate the discussion, which will focus on Agile methodology realities and how to accurately measure Agile's effectiveness.
Luxoft is using Agile methodology in its projects with product development clients such as Ping Identity and with enterprise companies such as UBS, Deutsche Bank, and Boeing.
com), have collaborated to deliver high-impact workshops that address a range of crucial Agile methodology best practices.

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