Agrafena Matveevna Kriukova

Kriukova, Agrafena Matveevna


Born June 28 (July 10), 1855, in the village of Chavan’ga, in present-day Arkhangel’sk Oblast; died Apr. 27, 1921, in the village of Verkhniaia Zolotitsa, in present-day Primor’e Raion, Arkhangel’sk Oblast. Russian folktale narrator.

A. V. Markov wrote down the extensive epic repertoire of Kriukova, consisting of 64 texts of byliny (epic folk songs), ballads, historical songs, and religious verses.


Belomorskie byliny. Written down by A. V. Markov. Foreword by V. F. Miller. Moscow, 1901. (Contains byliny of other narrators as well.)