Agrarian Party

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Agrarian Party


of Czechoslovakia (Agrární strana; originally called Czech Agrarian Party; in 1922 officially became Republican Party of the Agricultural and Small-Peasant Population), one of the largest parties of bourgeois Czechoslovakia. It was founded in the late 19th century by a group of Czech bourgeois political figures. Until the formation of the Czechoslovakian Republic in 1918 the Agrarian Party supported the Hapsburg monarchy. In bourgeois Czechoslovakia, the Agrarian Party expressed the interests of large landowners and capitalist monopolies. It spread its influence among considerable masses of the peasantry through such organizations as Domovina, the Republican Union of Youth, and the Union of Livestock Breeders. During 1922–39 leaders of the Agrarian Party headed the governments of the bourgeois republic. Members of the Executive Committee of the Agrarian Party included V. Stoupal, L. Feierabend, R. Beran, and F. Malypetr. Its central organ was the newspaper Venkov.

From the formation of the Czech bourgeois republic, the Agrarian Party’s foreign policy maintained an Anglo-French orientation, but after Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933, it endorsed a rapprochement with fascist Germany. In November 1938 the party dissolved. Its leaders then headed the profascist Party of National Unity, formed in 1938.


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If the mayor belongs to one of the three political parties in the analysis (the traditional parties of Labour, Agrarian Party and the Conservative Party) the councilor tends to be perceived as more interested in climate change questions, than in the municipalities where the mayors belong to other, small parties.
Official End Results of the December 2, 2007 State Duma Elections Number Political Parties of Votes Percent (%) United Russia 44,714,241 64.30 CPRF 8,046,886 11.57 LDPR 5,660,823 8.14 Just Russia Party 5,383,639 7.74 Agrarian Party of Russia 1,600,234 2.30 Yabloko 1,108,985 1.59 Civic Force Party 733,604 1.05 Union of Right Forces 669,444 0.96 Patriots of Russia 615,417 0.89 Party of Social Justice 154,083 0.22 Democratic Party of Russia 89,780 0.13 Valid votes 68,777,136 89.81 Invalid votes 759,929 1.09 Persons eligible to vote 109,145,517 100.00 Vladimir Putin's United Russia party is the clear winner of the elections; the December 2, 2007 elections saw an almost 100 percent increase in its votes, compared to the 36.5 percent of votes that the party won in 2003.
The Agrarian Party's anti-farmer policy gets ideological support from numerous pro-Communist and "Patriotic" (Russian chauvinist) organizations who ridicule the existing small pro-Democratic Peasants' Party (led by Yuri Chernichenko).
TABLE 3 Distribution of Seats in the Federation Council by Political Party (*)Number Political Party of Seats Russia's Choice 6 Yavlinsky-Boldyrev-Lukin Bloc (YABLOKO) 0 Party of Russian Unity and Accord (PRUA) 1 Russian Democratic Reform Movement (RDRM) 1 Other democratic parties 4 Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) 0 Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) 11 Agrarian Party of Russia (APR) 1 Other communist parties 4 Women of Russia 0 Democratic Party of Russia (DPR) 0 Civic Union 0 Non-party independents 144 Total 172 Source: Compiled by the author using data in FBIS, 5 January 1994.
He said, "We have three political parties: Democratic Party, Agrarian Party, Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
Ashgabat hosted the founding conference of the Agrarian Party of Turkmenistan.
If the projected results are confirmed, the current coalition with the agrarian party might be renewed.
Earlier this week a delegation from the Agrarian Party of Albania visited Cruglas Farm.
With the President's popular support hovering at 7 percent, Izvestia observed, "Today, the majority of Russian citizens belongs to the opposition." A member of the Agrarian Party told me, "Budyonnovsk was just the drop that made the cup overflow.
The mission notes that the alternativeness of the election was conditioned by the nomination of candidates from three parties - the Democratic Party, the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and the Agrarian Party, as well as from groups of citizens, which allowed voters to nominate the best-trained candidates to the Turkmen Parliament.
The coalition of the Civic Platform (Liberal right) and the PSL (agrarian party), firmly in office for four years, will have to manage the delicate exercise of running an election campaign during a period of immense European responsibilities.
Agrarian Party of Kyrgyzstan: - Skatnevskiy Yuri Moiseyevich - on elections; -Aliyev Sagynbek Saynidinovich - on financial matters; 54.