Agricultural Economics, Institute of

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Agricultural Economics, Institute of


(full name, AU-Union Scientific Research Institute of Agricultural Economics of the V. I. Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences). The institute was founded in Moscow in 1955. It has, as of 1978, 12 scientific divisions. One division specializes in problems of increased reproduction in agriculture, while another studies economic problems of cooperation among farms, agroindustrial integration, ties among economic sectors, labor, stimulation of agricultural production, and management and planning. Other divisions deal with socioeconomic problems of rural life; optimization and location of agricultural facilities; efficiency of intensifying agriculture; and the study of the economics of agriculture in foreign countries. The scientific-organizational division has 36 sections.

The institute has branches in the Central Chernozem Zone, the North Caucasus, and the Volga Region. It has a large network of centers for the scientific organization of labor. The institute has research bases and economics groups at farms in different zones of the USSR. It works on theoretical and practical problems of the development of agriculture by zone and region, coordinates research in agricultural economics by other institutions, and publicizes results of advanced studies.

The institute offers graduate study in residence and by correspondence and is certified to confer the degree of doctor and candidate. It publishes collections of scientific articles, methodological works, and writings on recommended procedure.

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