Agricultural Land

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Agricultural Land


land used in a planned and systematic manner for the production of agricultural goods. Agricultural land includes arable land, long-term plantations (orchards; berry patches; vineyards; plantations of citrus fruits, tea, and essential-oil plants; hop fields; mulberry groves; fruit nurseries), long-fallow land, hayfields, and pastures.

In 1973 the total world area of agricultural land was 4.48 billion hectares (ha), which included 1,457,000,000 ha of arable land and long-term plantations and 3.5 billion ha of hayfields and pastures. In 1974 the USSR had 607.8 million ha of agricultural land: 226.2 million ha of arable land, 45 million ha of hayfields, and 330.1 ha of pastures. Between 1964 and 1974 the area of agricultural land at various agricultural enterprises increased from 539.8 to 551.5 million ha, including an increase from 223.3 to 225.3 million ha in arable land and from 315 to 320.1 million ha in hayfields and pastures.

The quantity and quality of agricultural lands are constantly changing as new land is brought into agricultural production and as land already used for agricultural purposes is made more productive. Improvement is possible through land reclamation, the implementation of measures to combat soil erosion, and the cultivation of irrigated pastures.

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For the country as a whole, unused agricultural land is 19.
agricultural land (farm and forest land) on December 31, 1990.
June 7 2010 - The first hailstorm of this year caused over 2 million Euros in losses on more than 6,000 hectares of agricultural land in the Austrian province of Lower Austria.
agricultural land are required by law to report to the U.
Planning Minister John Day said the draft plan would provide greater protection for agricultural land and encouraged tourism activities that supported and complemented the area's rural character.
Israeli airstrikes earlyThursday targeted agricultural land east and
Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev has returned to Parliament a set of amendments to the Agricultural Land Ownership and Use Act due to clashes with the Constitution and EU law.
The creating of a database for the total agricultural land in private property which will allow insight into how much of the surfaces are not cultivated as well as introducing new conditions during the exchange of state agricultural land with land in private property, are part of the modifications to the Law on Agricultural Land.
Agricultural land ordinarily attracts agricultural property relief from inheritance tax and where the farmhouse on the land 'is of a character appropriate to the property', the agricultural value of the farmhouse may also be included within a claim for relief.
Unfortunately, there are no satisfactory regulations by the Turkish Civil Code that prevent the splitting up of agricultural land.
Summary: CAIRO - Because he has no place or home to live in, Ahmed Haridi, a farmer in Assiut Governorate, decided to build on his agricultural land instead of cultivating it.
This new law, which provides for new method of management of State-owned agricultural land by granting the right of concession, concerns about 218,000 famers who have to submit their applications before February 2012.

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