Agricultural Management, System of

Agricultural Management, System of


the aggregate of organizational-economic, technological, and technical means and methods that assure maximum output per unit of land area with maximum expenditures of labor and capital per unit of output. Under a system of agricultural management, a farm’s specialization is chosen carefully, so that its various sectors are combined optimally, scientifically based systems of crop cultivation and animal husbandry are used, the means of production necessary for comprehensive modernization of production processes are brought into play, and allied enterprises and by work are organized.

Questions of how the agricultural management system of capitalist Russia took shape were first investigated from the Marxist point of view by V. I. Lenin.

In the USSR, contemporary systems of agricultural management and the planning of scientifically based systems are being studied; this work is guided by the methodological leadership of the V. I. Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences.


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