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In Italy, the proportion of individuals under 25 years of age participating in the agricultural sector declined from 34.
Table 1 shows that out of 30,245 sampled respondents, a total of 25,286 of them were engaged in the agricultural sector as self-employed operators, which was 83% of the total sample.
Figure 1, Panel b shows the similar pattern in the case of male respondents: men engaged as salaried workers on average were young with a high level of education, whereas the relatively old with the lowest average level of education were self-employed in the agricultural sector.
Nonetheless, as the young and educated labor force is moving out of the agricultural sector leaving the older and less-educated generation, the government should expand the agricultural extension support system to protect the productivity of the agricultural sector.
Improving the quality and accessibility of advisory support services for the development of the agricultural sector as part of a public-private partnership understood.
Construction of public infrastructure and facilities that improve the competitiveness of the agricultural sector by municipalities.
This paper adopts the non-linear theory of Armey (1995) and Vedder and Gallaway (1998) to test whether a non-linear Armey curve exists in agricultural sector in Iran or not.
0224 Table 2: Economic Growth and Government size in agricultural sector.
All these benefits can be extracted from agricultural sector increasing and improving growth and development of the economy of Pakistan.
Effective measures for developing agricultural sector would certainly support the weak economy of Pakistan.

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