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land reform:

see agrarian reformagrarian reform,
redistribution of the agricultural resources of a country. Traditionally, agrarian, or land, reform is confined to the redistribution of land; in a broader sense it includes related changes in agricultural institutions, including credit, taxation, rents, and
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; collective farmcollective farm,
an agricultural production unit including a number of farm households or villages working together under state control. The description of the collective farm has varied with time and place.
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; ejidoejido
[Span.,=common land], in Mexico, agricultural land expropriated from large private holdings and redistributed to communal farms. Communal ownership of land had been widely practiced by the Aztecs, but the institution was in decline before the Spanish arrived.
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The agricultural reform was accomplished by Garoflid Constantin, the minister of agriculture in Averescu's Government, and it came into force in 1921.
"Agricultural associations are now working with the local councils and governorate officials to protect agricultural land, in co-ordination with the security authorities," says Zakaria Helal, the head of the Agricultural Reform Authority.
Although the book may be disappointing to someone seeking larger understanding of the MST, it does enrich out understanding of the life and work of the rural underclass in places where agricultural reform as practiced by the MST has taken foot in modern Brazil.
Rural ministry Defra's proposals for agricultural reform would slash livestock numbers and damage farming incomes, warned the Farmers Union of Wales.
This was due to a firm conviction that agricultural reform and rural development encourage sustainable development.
Moreover, to really improve the business climate, we need to look at everything linked to agricultural reform as well as land security.
According to the OECD's estimates, the bulk of these gains (59%) will arise from agricultural reform ($26 billion globally).
Gurung said the Movement for National Land and Agricultural Reform (MONLAR), a PWRDF partner, has expressed concern that the Sri Lankan government's post-tsunami reconstruction process is being implemented without any input from the victims.
Due to the war and agricultural reform there are many rural areas that are practically abandoned or with very low added value.
Ministers attending the September 2003 Cancun Ministerial Conference remained sharply divided on handling key issues: agricultural reform, adding new subjects for WTO commitments, nonagricultural market access, services (such as financial and telecommunications services), and special and differential treatment for developing countries.
COUNTRYSIDE Minister Carwyn Jones has confirmed that Wales could take a different route on Common Agricultural Reform from other parts of Britain.
A planned Anglo-French summit is on ice after a furious bust-up between the two over the EU agricultural reform a few weeks ago.

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