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land reform:

see agrarian reformagrarian reform,
redistribution of the agricultural resources of a country. Traditionally, agrarian, or land, reform is confined to the redistribution of land; in a broader sense it includes related changes in agricultural institutions, including credit, taxation, rents, and
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; collective farmcollective farm,
an agricultural production unit including a number of farm households or villages working together under state control. The description of the collective farm has varied with time and place.
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; ejidoejido
[Span.,=common land], in Mexico, agricultural land expropriated from large private holdings and redistributed to communal farms. Communal ownership of land had been widely practiced by the Aztecs, but the institution was in decline before the Spanish arrived.
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The Agricultural Reform Authority conducted an investigation and found small farmers were given title to the land.
There are about 7,000 associations involved in agricultural reform in Egypt and preventing encroachments on agricultural land.
The exceptions come when Low tries to read love in literature "sideways"; reading, for example, Donne's love poetry alongside "New-Scientific method," and Carew alongside some obscure pamphlets on agricultural reform published a decade or more after Carew's death.
This will also include the encouraging of greenhouse farming, implementation of the Consolidated Agricultural Reform Bill, setting up of Livestock Disease Free Zone and enhanced access of sector products to markets.
It will be the most challenging and daring, yet most important agricultural reform, he noted.
One of the leaders is Mohamed Abdul Kader said that the union was committed to agricultural reform and defending the farmers' rights.
Prime Minister Naoto Kan on Monday asked his Cabinet members to speed up preparations for Japan's efforts to further liberalize its trade, making a plan to launch a headquarters for the promotion of agricultural reform by the end of November.
The agricultural reform unleashed by Russian Prime Minister Petr Stolypin in 1906, which was aimed at the widespread privatization of peasant communal lands, was "reform in the direction of liberal democracy" in the estimation of Judge Williams (US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit) even if chosen and implemented by a Tsarist government that couldn't possibly be considered liberal or democratic.
A group of young farmers campaigning for a fair share of post Common Agricultural Reform support payments are warning that an estimated 4,000 producers could lose out.
Yu confirmed that agricultural reform and improvements in agricultural productivity is a high priority for the Central government, and offered the full support of his Ministries to facilitate the further development of Spur's fertilizer business.
Supachai told us that he saw possibilities on agricultural reform as well as on the Singapore issues, provided there is more flexibility from all members,'' said Twatchai Yongkittikul, a Thai businessman and one of the ABAC members.
Under the Agricultural Reform programme in the dairy sector, the EU has already adopted the aim of allowing the present quota system "to run out after 2006" and a "mid-term review" of the milk quota and support prices systems are due to be carried out by the Commission and the agricultural ministers next year.

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