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mountain range in the middle of the Armenian Highlands in eastern Turkey, to the south of Lake Van. Length, 200 km.

The Ağridağ is composed of volcanic rock with cones of extinct volcanoes, which are confined to the latitudinal rupture which formed the range. The elevation reaches 3,445 m. The slopes are steep, rocky, and broken by ravines. Part of the drainage divide between the drainage basins of the Caspian Sea (the Aras River to the north of the Ağridağ) and the Persian Gulf (the Murat River, the left tributary of the Euphrates River, to the south) passes through the Ağridağ. There are predominantly arid mountainous steppes with thin forests of oak, juniper, and pine trees in places. The Ağridağ is traversed by a paved road from Kars to Karaköse.

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