Aguiyi-Ironsi, Johnson Thomas Umunnakwe

Aguiyi-Ironsi, Johnson Thomas Umunnakwe,

1924–1966, Nigerian military officer and political leader. An Igbo from Umuahia, he joined the Nigerian army in 1942 and received military training in England. Aguiyi-Ironsi headed the Nigerian contingent during the post-independence conflicts in Congo (Kinshasa) in the 1960s, becoming (1963) commander of the United Nations forces there. He was made head of the Nigerian army in 1965. Following a military coup in January, 1966, President Nnamdi AzikiweAzikiwe, Benjamin Nnamdi
, 1904–96, Nigerian statesman, popularly known as Zik. After advanced studies in the United States (1925), he returned to Nigeria, founded a chain of newspapers, and became one of the country's leading Igbo nationalists.
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 was deposed and Aguiyi-Ironsi became head of a military government. He served only six months before being assassinated in another coup. He was succeeded by Yakubu GowonGowon, Yakubu
, 1934–, Nigerian head of state. After entering the Nigerian army in 1954, he advanced (1966) to battalion commander. After Nigeria's second bloody coup in 1966, he was appointed commander in chief of the armed forces and head of the military government.
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 as the military head of state. During his short term in office, Aguiyi-Ironsi suspended much of the constitution, but also removed certain restrictions on freedom of the press and attempted to unify the country's foreign policy.
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