Ahmed Ben Bella

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Ben Bella, Ahmed

(äkhmĕd` bĕn bĕl`lä), 1919–2012, Algerian statesman. After World War II he joined the Algerian nationalist movement and soon became a leader of its underground paramilitary faction. He later (1952–56) served as director of the movement. Imprisoned (1956–62) for his activities, he became Algeria's first premier after independence was declared in 1962 and was elected president in 1963. In 1965, Ben Bella's government was toppled in a coup led by Houari BoumedienneBoumedienne, Houari
, 1932?–78, president and prime minister of Algeria (1965–78). While studying in Cairo during the early 1950s he joined a group of expatriate Algerian nationalists that included Ahmed Ben Bella.
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, and he was kept under house arrest until 1980, when he went into exile (1980–90) in Switzerland.
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1980 Algeria frees former president Ahmad Ben Bella.
leaders like farhat abbas ahmad Ben Bella and masali alhaj all came forward under one slogan of independence a destiny of the country recognized and resulted affirmatively on 3rd July 1962 by French president charles de gaulle.
Abdul-Nour, who was a minister in the government of Algeria's first President Ahmad Ben Bella following the 1962 independence, said scrapping of the emergency law was only one of a long list of demands.