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While in the Avesta Ahura Mazdah is the father of asa "truth" (Old Persian arta), as Samas is the father of Kittu "Truth," in India Varuna and Mitra, especially the former, are the guardians of rta "truth"; they strengthen it and are in turn strengthened by it.
Mightiest ahura" (seuuisto ahuro in Y 33,11), said of Ahura Mazdah, implies the existence of other ahuras.
It is odd that Ahura Mazdah wants to strike down only two-thirds of the daeuuas in Mazandaran and the deceivers (i.
8) is a copy of an older Middle Assyrian text, moving the alleged reference to Ahura Mazdah into the latter half of the second millennium B.
In the Zurvanite heresy the god Zurvan "Time" created the twins (yema), Ohrmazd and Ahriman (from older Ahura Mazdah and Arjra Mainyu), making the parallel with late Vedic beliefs even more striking: M.
Johanna Narten (Die Amesa Spentas im Avesta [Wiesbaden 1982], 66) concluded from Yasna 30,9 and 31,4 mazdas ca ahuranho "Mazdah and the [other] ahura-s" that as an old formula it may indicate that Ahura Mazdah played a role already before Zarathustra.