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in criminal law, a person who, though not present at the commission of a crime, becomes a participator in the crime either before or after the fact of commission. An accessory before the fact is one whose counsel or instigation leads another to commit a crime.
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class="MsoNormalShe was charged with failure to report suspicious activity regarding proceeds of crime and anti-money laundering, aiding and abetting commission of a terrorism act as well as failure to report a suspicious cash transaction amounting to S4.7 million.
"The Rosemond court distilled these concepts into a simplified form and declared that 'for purposes of aiding and abetting law, a person who actively participates in a criminal scheme knowing its extent and character intends that scheme's commission.' ...
On March 9, 2010, Jose Enrique Gordillo Portocarrero pleaded guilty to a two-count criminal information charging him with aiding and abetting attempted murder in aid of racketeering and aiding and abetting the discharge of a firearm during or in relation to a crime of violence.
Sadly, Oxfam is not the only such group that has had levels of misconduct and sexual impropriety levelled at those who are charged with aiding and abetting those most in need.
The former Spokesman and other suspects were arrested on the charge of aiding and abetting the abduction and disappearance of 11 Tamil youths in 2008 and 2009.
Rickenbach was eventually charged with five more felonies, including bank fraud and aiding and abetting false entries.
Fred Fuller Oil Co., the NH Supreme Court ruled, for the first time, that individual employees can be held personally liable for aiding and abetting workplace discrimination or engaging in retaliatory conduct under New Hampshire's Law Against Discrimination.
One pitfall of choosing wrong is the risk that a lawyer could be sued for aiding and abetting fraud perpetrated by that client.
The Olympiakos president is accused of being involved in and directing a criminal organisation, aiding and abetting blackmailing, aiding and abetting extortion, and aiding and abetting bribery and fraud.
The court also jailed a Yemeni warehouse supervisor for six months for aiding and abetting the first defendant.
Possession and use of a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence resulting in death; aiding and abetting (nine counts.)