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(1) Among the Kirghiz and Altai peoples in the past, a nomadic or seminomadic settlement which usually included kinfolk of varying degrees of relationship. Among the Altai the term “ail” also referred to a separate dwelling (a yurt or a hut) with a farm.

(2) Among the Mongol peoples, a nomadic family group.

(3) In the Kirghiz SSR, a rural administrative territorial unit. Accordingly, village councils of the Kirghiz SSR are referred to as ail and village soviets of working people’s deputies.

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Ail Symudiad mewn ffordd bontiodd at Maffia Mr Huws a nhw wedyn i'r sn danddaearol yn yr 80au.
When M AIL T ODAY contacted the Union Ministry of Health, it denied reports about financial crunch.
Cefais wahoddiad gan y Lolfa i gyfrannu pwt am Ail Symudiad ar gyfer y llyfr: Fedra'i ddim dweud pa mor bwysig oedd 'darganfod' Ail Symudiad yn ol ym 1980.
Llwyddodd Aurwen Price o Landrindod ddod gyntaf ar yr ail ddiwrnod gyda'i chi Lyn.
LPPL has entered into an MOU with AIL, wherein AIL has agreed to provide technical support for dyeing and processing and assurance for continuous supply of raw material.
35pm) Heno, bydd gem ail gyfle trydedd rownd y Cwpan FA rhwng Caerdydd a Bristol City i'w gweld yn fyw ar S4C (y gic gyntaf am 7.
The em ail backlash is part of the move from Old Hall Street's JM Centre to new headquarters in their former Spinney House HQ in Liverpool's Church Street.
Working through the Christmas holidays, AIL Systems Inc.
The spokesperson of the North Delhi civic body told M AIL T ODAY ,"The order for exercise books has already been given to the contractor and they would soon be distributed among students.
Tenders are invited for Hiring Of One 32Seatersemi Deluxe Non Ac Coach To Cater Transportation Of Staff Of Ail At Dimapur
Ond rhan o apel Llwyfan y Maes ydi'r gymysgedd o'r hen a newydd - y to ifanc a'r hen stejars, ac un o'r bandiau sy'n bendant yn syrthio i'r ail gategori ydi Ail Symudiad, ac fe ddaethant a heulwen y Rifiera Cymraeg, i fenthyg teitl un o'u caneuon, i Lanelli yn ystod eu perfformiad.