Air Cooler

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Air Cooler


a unit for cooling the air supplied to a building or for dissipating the heat from machinery, furnaces, and other types of heat-producing equipment. Air coolers are used in ventilation and air conditioning systems for industrial, public, and residential buildings, as well as in cooling systems for electric generators, computers, and radio and chemical equipment. Air coolers may be of the surface, trickle, or combination type.

In recuperative surface air coolers the air reduces the temperature by transferring heat through smooth or finned (plane or tubular) surfaces that are washed on the opposite side by a coolant (ammonia or Freon) or secondary refrigerant (water or brines). In regenerative rotary or stationary air coolers the air dissipates the heat periodically to cooled layers made of metal or plastic sheets or grids, stone chips, or porcelain rings. In trickle coolers the air is cooled by water or brine sprayed from atomizers. The principles of the first two types of units mentioned above are incorporated in the design of the combination air cooler. Recuperative surface coolers and trickle coolers are the most widespread types.


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He would consider getting an air cooler, as this presents another healthier option since they don't dry up the air but on the contrary add moisture to it.
Over the years, we have introduced a wider range, created large AC-like air coolers, launched premium air coolers, put air coolers on castors and moved to central air-cooling through the acquisition in Mexico.
I had bought a medium size Air Cooler last year for Rs 6,000, but now it costs over Rs 8,000," said a customer of cooler at Saddar said
Also, there has to be chemical resistance for the charged air cooler portion of the system.
According to Alfa Laval, the air cooler systems will be used to cool the main process streams at the natural gas plant.
We've always been a fan of CPU air coolers that are low on noise even under taxing conditions and Noctua has kept our excitement alive in this regard with its impressive line-up of air coolers till date.
The outer door guards also have a latch that allows the two pieces to be separated from the radiator and charge air cooler frame assemblies.
ISLAMABAD -- Rise in temperature and soaring electricity rates has led to the increase in demand of air coolers in federal capital.
Another simple defrost system is the use of electric heater elements built into the air cooler.
A sequential defrost system for air coolers extends production time without need for conventional defrosting, thus assuring uninterrupted operation for up to one year.
In order to improve heat exchange efficiency of surface air cooler, fin is added to the tube to increase the area of heat exchange, but this kind of air cooler is hard to exert its heat exchange efficiency because of bad environment (high dust concentration), for example, one fin type air cooler with 200~300kW cooling capacity in cleaning environment will covered with dust in short time, the cooling capacity will reduce to 50%, and even to 15%.
I prefer room air cooler to the split air conditioner because the AC costs me huge money in shape of high electricity bills," Sardar Kamran Khan, a resident of G-10, said.