Air Cooler

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Air Cooler


a unit for cooling the air supplied to a building or for dissipating the heat from machinery, furnaces, and other types of heat-producing equipment. Air coolers are used in ventilation and air conditioning systems for industrial, public, and residential buildings, as well as in cooling systems for electric generators, computers, and radio and chemical equipment. Air coolers may be of the surface, trickle, or combination type.

In recuperative surface air coolers the air reduces the temperature by transferring heat through smooth or finned (plane or tubular) surfaces that are washed on the opposite side by a coolant (ammonia or Freon) or secondary refrigerant (water or brines). In regenerative rotary or stationary air coolers the air dissipates the heat periodically to cooled layers made of metal or plastic sheets or grids, stone chips, or porcelain rings. In trickle coolers the air is cooled by water or brine sprayed from atomizers. The principles of the first two types of units mentioned above are incorporated in the design of the combination air cooler. Recuperative surface coolers and trickle coolers are the most widespread types.


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Air cooler industry import/export consumption, supply and demand figures and cost price and production value gross margins are also provided.
I had bought a medium size Air Cooler last year for Rs 6,000, but now it costs over Rs 8,000," said a customer of cooler at Saddar said
Also, there has to be chemical resistance for the charged air cooler portion of the system.
The outer door guards also have a latch that allows the two pieces to be separated from the radiator and charge air cooler frame assemblies.
Plastic-made air coolers are more durable and create low noise due to which buyers prefer them over Lahori Coolers," said Tahir Mehmood, a manufacturer of desert air-coolers at Aabpara Market.
4[degrees]F/59[degrees]F), starting from a chiller design with 80[degrees]C/75[degrees]C (176[degrees]F/167[degrees]F), the required driving hot water temperature rises with increasing cooling water temperature to 90[degrees]C/85[degrees]C (194[degrees]F/185[degrees]F) and further to 105[degrees]C/100[degrees]C (221[degrees]F/212[degrees]F) when a dry air cooler together with a latent heat storage or solely a dry air cooler is applied, respectively.
Long Beach, is offering its first American-built MovinCool spot air coolers in place of those previously imported from Japan.
The long service life and continuous operation of commercial trucks ensures steady demand for A/C compressors, radiators, and charge air coolers in the aftermarket.
Akhtar Ali a shopper said that he was using an AC but now he is replacing it with an air cooler due to its low cost and maintenance.
Daily Mirror, Air Cooler & Purifier (DM18913), PO Box 299, Romsey SO51 0WH
com) have developed an air-intake manifold with an integrated liquid charged air cooler for VW TSI engines that is said to be 40% smaller than comparable components for turbocharged engines and that has 20% fewer parts, as well as less mass.