Air quality

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Air quality

The level of particulates, gases, vapors, pollens, and micro-organisms in the air; achieving and maintaining indoor air quality are sustainable design/building management objectives required to mitigate sick building syndrome, enhance amenity, and promote work environments.

indoor air quality

The quality of air inside a building; deemed to be acceptable by ASHRAE if it contains no contaminants at harmful concentrations, and if at least 80% or more of the people in the building who breathe this air do not express dissatisfaction with it.
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Moderate air pollution could be widespread in the next three days DEFRA FORECAST ON AIR QUALITY INDEX WEBSITE
7 -- (BNA): Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has unveiled the country's first air quality index, which will provide real-time information on pollution levels.
NEW DELHI -- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday launched the National Air Quality Index, to monitor pollution levels in 10 major cities.
The reading of 10 on the Daily Air Quality Index carries the advice: "Adults and children with lung problems, adults with heart problems, and older people, should avoid strenuous physical activity.
Cities across China struggle to conform to national pollution standards, and Beijing regularly has an air quality index of at least 300--the most hazardous rating.
The United Kingdom Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said its air quality index had spiked to its highest, and most dangerous, level of 10 across south England, the Midlands, and East Anglia.
According to the Government's Daily Air Quality Index, the city was one of the worst in Britain for air pollution.
According to an email statement from Ping An to Bloomberg, travelers in Beijing can get a daily payout of 50 yuan ($8) if the air quality index exceeds 200 for three consecutive days.
The Air Quality Index (AirQ) has as main objective to provide the population with understanding about the local air quality, related to diverse atmospheric pollutants sampled at the monitoring stations and disseminated by a twenty-four-hour air quality bulletin.
And yet, the UAE's Air Quality Index (AQI) recently published a report by the UAE Air Quality Monitoring Network that found Karama has "one of the best air quality readings in the UAE" -- 16 on the AQI scale.
AIR MONITORING: Scientists check the quality of our air every day and grade it using the Air Quality Index (AQI).
When the Air Quality Index (AQI) is unhealthy (151-200), persons with heart or lung disease, the elderly, and children should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion, and all other persons should reduce such activity.

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