Air quality

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Air quality

The level of particulates, gases, vapors, pollens, and micro-organisms in the air; achieving and maintaining indoor air quality are sustainable design/building management objectives required to mitigate sick building syndrome, enhance amenity, and promote work environments.

indoor air quality

The quality of air inside a building; deemed to be acceptable by ASHRAE if it contains no contaminants at harmful concentrations, and if at least 80% or more of the people in the building who breathe this air do not express dissatisfaction with it.
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Number of days in 2013 when air quality was so poor it was potentially harmful to healthy people, based on Government's own air quality index
A level of 200 on the air quality index is classified as "medium pollution" in China, says Bloomberg.
Conducted by research teams at the American University of Beirut and Saint Joseph University, the study, "Beirut Air Quality Index," presents data gathered from across the capital during a two-year period
The official air quality index for the state of New South Wales recorded pollutant levels as high as 4,164 in Sydney.
This paper addresses the air quality index in the occupied zone and the personal exposure index for the different systems and the different layouts in the room.
More than two thirds of the time the overall air quality index recorded in the region fell within the acceptable standard for all pollutant concentrations, while the index approached or exceeded the standard in about a third of the time, according to the report.
Start protecting yourself from outdoor air pollution by consulting the Air Quality Index each day.
Other important uses of the monitors include helping provide timely reporting of the Air Quality Index, issuing air quality forecasts, supporting long-term health assessments, and tracking long-term air quality, both to gauge the effectiveness of emission control strategies and to quantify the accuracy of supporting model evaluations.
With the air quality index this high, we want people to adjust outdoor activities.
Find out if the Air Quality Index is reported in your area, which will provide the previous day's information.
16 Grades 5-8: Structure of the Enhance understanding of Earth Earth system * Personal health ozone levels as well as Science Grades 9-12: Environmental chart-reading skills with quality * Chemical reactions the Air Quality Index activity on p.
The measurements taken at these stations are used to develop an air quality index, or model, for the entire country," Cogan explains.

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