air route traffic control center

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air route traffic control center (ARTCC)

A facility established to provide air traffic control service to aircraft operating on IFR (instrument flight rules) flight plans within controlled airspace and principally during the en route phase of flight. When equipment capabilities and controller workload permit, certain advisory or assistance services may be provided to VFR (visual flight rules) aircraft. The boundaries of ARTCCs are indicated on the aeronautical charts as image as with the names of respective ARTCCs written on either side of this boundary.
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now claims the most important of the interphone communications, from the supervisory positions at the Air Route Traffic Control Center, were not recorded.
When we fly cross country under IFR, we are served by one or more Air Route Traffic Control Centers.
Lockheed Martin IS&GS currently provides air traffic controller automation to the Air Route Traffic Control Centers for high altitude and oceanic air traffic control.
They work at any of the 21 air route traffic control centers located throughout the country.
Older computer storage devices that are critical to radar and flight management functions were replaced by Lockheed Martin in a rapid deployment of faster, more reliable technology at air route traffic control centers (ARTCC) across the country.
Under terms of the original contract, Harris was tasked with developing, procuring, installing and supporting 24 WARP systems at FAA Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC) and the Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC).