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Air Support


one of the basic missions carried out by frontline (tactical) aviation in the interest of task forces (fronts, armies) and combined ground formations. Aviation support missions are carried out predominantly by fighter-bombers; bombers and also fighters may be called in to complete such missions. The basic function of air support is to wipe out the enemy’s nuclear offensive capabilities, command posts, and radio electronic installations, and to destroy or neutralize the nearest enemy reserves, firepower, and other important objectives in the tactical and operational enemy rear. Air support in offensive operations begins as soon as the friendly troops move to the offensive and in defensive operations as soon as an offensive is launched by enemy troops. Air support is continued throughout the entire period of military operations by ground formations.

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air support

All forms of support given by air forces to ground and/or maritime forces in pursuit of their objective. Various types of air support include call missions and close, immediate, indirect, preplanned, and tactical air support.
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MERSEYSIDE cops today vowed public safety would remain their top priority following news of a proposed merger to slash a third of the country's police air support.
"We've been working towards forming a joint air support unit with North Wales Police which will allow 24-hour, seven days per week air support cover and savings in terms of maintenence and fuel purchases."
We're going to take those concepts and the revitalized notions of close air support that we demonstrated and take those to a new level as we continue to work this problem of close air support and the battlefield Airman.
Mr Jenkin insisted that he was not criticising US commanders, but it did appear that at times during the Iraqi conflict air support for British operations was slower than it could have been because of competing coalition demands.
During Operation Desert Storm, in the Gulf, they provided close air support.
Here is a much needed book that examines an aspect of air power that is often overlooked: tactical air support in World War II.
Close Air Support 2019 will provide delegates with exclusive briefings from leading US and British organisations in the field of air-land integration and joint fires including: US Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), UK Typhoon Force Standards and RAF Centre for Air Power Studies.
Martin, 61, was base manager, having originally joined air support in 1991 when his passion for parachuting sparked an interest in applying to join the local police air support unit.
The Syrian Permanent Representative to the UN told the Security Council in April that Israel provided air support to the ISIL terror group fighting the Syrian Army in Palmyra.
(TAP) -- National Defence Minister Abdelkarim Zbidi said on Tuesday the Air Force's logistics and operational capabilities will be strengthened with the acquisition of advanced tactical airlift, reconnaissance and air support helicopters.
The youngster was reported missing on Thursday afternoon and sparked an emergency services search along the coastline by the national police air support, the Coastguard, RNLI crew members, Cleveland Police officers and beach lifeguards.