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Vivek Badrinath, CEO, OBS said: "By working for so many years with SITA, we know that the air transport industry is highly demanding.
Pierides said yesterday that the way the political parties are approaching the issue "unfortunately will lead to the destruction of the air transport industry." He added that during today's scheduled meeting with House President Marios Garoyian, the CY unions "will call for approaches which will ensure that Eurocypria will not have financial problems, but at the same time that commitments will be given that the right moves will be made so we can keep air transport in Cyprus alive."
"We are firmly opposed to the notion of a tax imposed on the air transport industry", ERA Director-General Mark Ambrose said, calling instead for investment in aviation infrastructure in developing countries.
"We are delighted and proud to participate in the expansion of the Mexican air transport industry and we are convinced that the A320 will contribute to the commercial success of Interjet in Mexico," said Gustav Humbert, president and CEO of Airbus.
By its very nature the air transport industry is based on the kind of global network that today's multinational companies both aim to imitate and utilize.
BACK offers the most complete collection of aviation information and analytical tools available in the air transport industry. The firm brings together traffic data, airline schedules, financials, operating statistics, worldwide commercial fleet data and route mapping-making this information available from a laptop or personal computer.
Shifting governmental policies, based on perceptions that military aircraft had no market and that the industry did not need support, coupled with a nation air transport industry that was not required to use British-made aircraft combined with a myriad of other odd doings, keeping a wide variety of viable craft on paper.
Scandinavian airline SAS said on Wednesday (4 February) that it had reached an agreement with the Swedish Air Transport Industry Employers' Association and the Swedish Transport Workers' Union regarding the 2003 contract for flight technicians, mechanics and baggage handlers.
Instead, these planes operate on a liquid expected to save the air transport industry lots of money: alcohol.
Therefore the Government is taking pounds 570 in tax from everybody on pounds 25,000 per year to subsidise the air transport industry, whether these people fly or not.
PASSENGER confusion is proof that there's a need for a review within the air transport industry, too.
Air transport industry activity slacked 13.1% as international and domestic air transport activities tumbled 17.1% and 11.2%.

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