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(chemical engineering)
The process of removing substances from a mixture through washing and decanting.
In a mixture, the separation of finer lighter particles from coarser heavier particles through a slow stream of fluid moving upward so that the lighter particles are carried with it.
The washing away of the lighter or finer particles in a soil, especially by the action of raindrops.



(or clarification), the separation of slowly settling fine particles of a polydisperse suspension from rapidly settling larger and heavier particles by decanting a liquid containing the not yet settled particles from a settled precipitate.

Elutriation is a means of hydraulic classification of ground materials (with particle size from several tenths of a micron to several millimeters) that combines settling with décantation into consecutively linked settling basins (reservoirs, tanks, or chambers). The process is used to concentrate mineral raw materials, produce fine powders, and cleanse clays (particularly kaolin) of mechanical impurities (sand, mica, and feldspar).

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For this purpose, a classifier mill has been installed in the fine grinding and air classification section for milling normal bread flour to such a fineness that it can be fractionated, in the subsequent air classifier, into low protein coarse and high protein ultrafine fractions.
Fractionation of DDGS Using Sieving and Air Classification
The system utilizes a multi-pass process of mechanical agitation, centrifugal force and air classification.
A third and fourth adult traveling in the same party receives a discount of approximately 23 to 40 percent depending on the selected cabin category and air classification.
Screening equipment, from trommels to vibrating screens to finger screens to disc screens, can facilitate further separation and sorting of mixed C&D material by sizing the material as it moves through the system, creating an overs line that is hand picked and an unders line that is separated into its constituent parts using automation in the form of magnets, air classification systems and sink tanks.
AppliedSensor, a provider of chemical sensor components and modules, and Sensata Technologies, a developer of industrial sensors and control solutions, announced that their Air Classification Module (ACM) is now being integrated into the 2007 BMW X5 Sport Activity Vehicle to provide occupants with cleaner in-car air.
TI plans to develop an Air Classification Module (ACM) using AppliedSensor's unique gas sensor expertise, to activate controls of air intake in automobiles.
A post-shredder air classification system helps separate metals from nonmetallics, while a magnet then separates ferrous from nonferrous metals.
These systems rupture or cut the product, allowing the fluff/fiber and SAP to be removed through a series of beaters, fans and air classification units.
According to Nutter, the MBA Polymers facility has been "fine-tuned into a sophisticated processing system that yields as many as four separate material streams using air classification techniques.