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(chemical engineering)
The process of removing substances from a mixture through washing and decanting.
In a mixture, the separation of finer lighter particles from coarser heavier particles through a slow stream of fluid moving upward so that the lighter particles are carried with it.
The washing away of the lighter or finer particles in a soil, especially by the action of raindrops.
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(or clarification), the separation of slowly settling fine particles of a polydisperse suspension from rapidly settling larger and heavier particles by decanting a liquid containing the not yet settled particles from a settled precipitate.

Elutriation is a means of hydraulic classification of ground materials (with particle size from several tenths of a micron to several millimeters) that combines settling with décantation into consecutively linked settling basins (reservoirs, tanks, or chambers). The process is used to concentrate mineral raw materials, produce fine powders, and cleanse clays (particularly kaolin) of mechanical impurities (sand, mica, and feldspar).

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(Galloo uses air classification and eddy currents for this step.)
May include primary size reduction, air classification and aspiration, intensive washing, float separation and/or hydrocyclone, flake drying, water treatment and solids removal, materials-handling and conveying, storage silos, and custom control systems.
The processing steps comprise dry cleaning, air classification, hot wash, sink float separation, as well as mechanical drying from B+B and subsequent extrusion with upstream decontamination from Erema.
In the process of air classification, excessively grinded particles are flown into and collected in the separator bag filter along with discharged air and then are mixed with properly grinded particles together with the fine particles that have been collected in the main bag filter, and finally are inserted into the silo through the bucket elevator for the production of regular Type I cement products.
Additional addenda approved for public review include requirements related to condensate management, control of ventilation systems, and air classification with regard to contaminant and odor intensity.
A double-drum scheme with counter rotation (see illustration above) provided maximum cleaning without secondary shredding or air classification, according to Eriez.
The delivery to Yamanaka in Japan would comprise a complete shredder plant and the necessary equipment for de-dusting, as well as equipment for air classification, magnet separation and conveying of the shredded material.
Using water-classification for sizes 7 to 2.5 micron and air classification for 1.8 micron and below, the company tailors minerals for refractories, sintered products, wear-resistance coatings and other applications.
The engineered combination of centrifugal force and air classification allows this unique system to process reject soft disposable products such as baby diapers, sanitary napkins and system tailings and features three distinct reuseable/realeable components.