air data computer

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air data computer (ADC)

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An electronic digital computer in aircraft that senses or computes static and pitot pressure, outside air and total air temperature, IAS (indicated air speed), TAS (true air speed), pressure altitude, Mach number, angle of attack, and angle of yaw. All these are corrected for their known errors. Engine and flight control system computers use the output of air data computers.
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That dual Aspen system has redundant air data computers, dual heading magnetometers and reversionary display operation, but the system is vulnerable to a blockage of the aircraft's single pitot or static system.
Curtiss-Wright s flight critical ADCM digital air data computer module, embedded in the LCR-300A, will provide the navigation system with precise altitude and air speed data
com)-- Aeroprobe Corporation has added two new Micro Air Data Computers (?
is a world-leading manufacturer of Mission Equipment, Displays, Air Data Displays, Air Data Computers, Digital Clocks and Chronographs for Helicopters, Fixed Wing Aircraft & UAVs.
Utilizing skills in Airline Operations, Problem Analysis, Systems Integration, Networking, and Application Development, solutions have included: Cockpit, Maintenance and Cabin Workstations and Displays, Aircraft Servers, MRO and Custom Software Applications, Engine Instruments and Displays, FOQA applications, Air Data Computers, and e-Flight Solutions.