Air quality

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Air quality

The level of particulates, gases, vapors, pollens, and micro-organisms in the air; achieving and maintaining indoor air quality are sustainable design/building management objectives required to mitigate sick building syndrome, enhance amenity, and promote work environments.

indoor air quality

The quality of air inside a building; deemed to be acceptable by ASHRAE if it contains no contaminants at harmful concentrations, and if at least 80% or more of the people in the building who breathe this air do not express dissatisfaction with it.
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Illnesses such as asthma can be aggravated by poor indoor air quality.
Fenty, will proclaim June 5th as Clean Air Partners Day, recognizing Clean Air Partners and its members for their continued commitment to improve air quality.
Asthma, the most common cause of absenteeism in schools, has been tied to indoor air quality and mold, both impacted by space humidity.
The Senate Environment and Public Works Clean Air Subcommittee is near completion of a series of hearings that have addressed a variety of topics associated with the development and implementation of the stricter air quality standards.
Preventing new air quality problems - and taking steps to document and alleviate any current inadequacies - can give your property a competitive edge in these tight, post-recessionary markets.
Reducing multiple air pollutants is an important consideration in areas facing multiple air quality problems.
The district's AIRE awards go to individuals, businesses, government agencies and organizations that go ``above and beyond'' what is required of them to protect the Antelope Valley's air quality, said Bret Banks, the air district's operations manager.
For example, the physical characteristics and patterns of land development in a region can affect air quality by influencing travel mode choices, trips, trip speed, number of miles driven, and therefore mobile source emissions.
Department of Labor, Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) to establish national standards for indoor air quality (IAQ).
During his years as CARB Chairman, California distinguished itself as a world leader in finding technological solutions to complex air quality and public health challenges.
Request for Proposals: Air quality public awareness survey
I'm pretty confident we won't see numbers like we saw in 2003,'' said Joe Cassmassi, senior meteorologist with the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

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