Air Raid

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air raid

[′er ‚rād]
An attack of a place by aircraft; may consist of a bombing or strafing attack against a position or a city.

What does it mean when you dream about an air raid?

In most cases, the meaning of an air raid is straightforward. It reflects a feeling of being assaulted, of being under attack.

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Also in the capital, two children and a woman were injured in an air raid by the Saudi fighter jet on residential quarter South of the capital, while dozens of houses were damaged.
Air raid shelters were built and children, pregnant women and the disabled were evacuated from towns and cities.
Just one of the selection of fantastic photographs that Frank shared with us was of him and his father sitting in an air raid shelter in Handsworth in 1938, which he recalls was damp.
Well, having spent many nights as a young lad in the Anderson air raid shelter that used to be at the bottom of our garden in Thesiger Street, Cathays, I can say that it certainly brought back many memories of my mother, sister Valerie and me spending many nights in our own dank, damp and dark refuge all those years ago.
The Local Co-ordination Committees said the air raids killed 30 in Tabiah and dozens in Bouleil.
Ashraf al-Qedra, a health ministry official, said two teenager brothers were killed in an Israeli air raid on Shuja'ya neighborhood in east of Gaza City.
An entire family was killed in air raids in Tal Rift in the north of Aleppo province.
Sheikh Ahmed Zaid, a tribal leader in Rada'a district, said, "Planes flew sporadically on Tuesday in Al-Masaneh in Beida'a governorate and carried out air raids on militants on a motorcycle, resulting in immediate death.
Wilfred, who is believed to have lived in Starley Road, in the city centre, with his partner May Russell, was given a bronze medal by the RSPCA for his courage and humanity in rescuing the horses from stables at Coventry's Railway Goods Depot during an air raid on April 8, 1941.
The Turkish warplanes have been carrying air raids against Kurdistan's border areas, under justification of chasing elements of the anti-Ankara Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), forcing large numbers of citizens of those areas to desert their home villages, including an air raid that killed 7 of them in a village north of Kurdistan's Sulaimaniya city on Sunday.
The cellar was transformed to allow pupils to experience an evacuation to an air raid shelter, with the air raid siren blasting out eerily.
Pakistan, Sept 2 (ANI): At least six civilians, including women and children, have been killed in a military air raid in Pakistan.