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air report (AIREP)

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Air report (AIREP).
A report from an aircraft in flight prepared in conformity with requirements for position reporting and operational and meteorological reporting. The format of the report is indicated in the illustration. Also called an in-flight report.
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* State of Global Air Report 2019 ranks Qatar highest, followed by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Iraq and Kuwait in annual PM2.5 exposure in 2017 in the Middle East.
[2] The Nature Conservancy (NC)-Planting Healthy Air Report P.21
Plume Air Report is available for download Free on both iOS and Android platforms.
The free smartphone/tablet application, dubbed Plume Air Report, will offer live air quality data to residents.
The 2012 State of the Air Report, released in April by the American Lung Association, ranked the region as the 12th worst among 232 cities in the united States for ozone-related air pollution (the type most hazardous to health).
According to the American Lung Association's 2008 State of the Air report, exposure to particles over time can increase the risk of hospitalization for asthma, damage the lungs and raise the possibility of premature death.
The AIR report was submitted to the New Mexico Legislature in January 2008.
The AIR report points out that the insurance industry has been prone to "volcanic eruptions" in premiums, due to drops in insurers' investment income coupled with lower premiums.
A Department of Transport air report published yesterday said the engine, flying in icy weather on February 15, was likely to have experienced "carburettor icing".
However, concludes the Quality of Air report, "Data observed in 1997, 1998, and 1999 indicate a decrease in concentrations [of pollutants] relative to 1994 and 1995, but they are still above legal standards."
According to the annual State of Global Air Report, published Tuesday by the Health Effects Institute (HEI), long-term exposure to air pollution contributed to an estimated 6.1 million deaths across the globe in 2016.The report says exposure to air pollution led to strokes, heart attacks, lung cancer and chronic lung disease, causing many of those premature deaths.It also says that air pollution is the fourth-highest cause of death among all health risks globally, coming in below high blood pressure, diet and smoking.