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air traffic control,

the system by which airplanes are safely routed into and out of major airports. Air traffic control in the United States is centered in a number of regional control centers that route airplanes along established airways to airport traffic control centers. There Instrument Landing Systems and Microwave Landing Systems enable planes to land safely in almost any weather conditions. Air traffic controllers, who are responsible for maintaining safe distances between planes, are employees of the U.S. Dept. of Transportation. Air traffic control is made possible by special transponders installed in every commercial and many private aircraft, which automatically transmit information on a plane's altitude and speed to the ground controller. The distortion that often affects voice transmissions can be eliminated by the use of cockpit datalinks; collision avoidance systems provide further safety margins. Knowing the course, speed, and altitude of every plane in the sector, the controller can contact each in turn to give landing or course instructions. Modern air traffic control has contributed to making air travel far safer than highway travel, and on a passenger-mile basis safer even than rail travel.

air traffic control (ATC)

A service provided by the appropriate authority to promote the safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of traffic.
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Air traffic controllers have had to manually ensure planes give each other wide berths.
Keziah Ogutu, JKIA Chief Air traffic Controller officer, added, "The operators will benefit from the system through reduction of cockpit workload related to radiotelephony, therefore further improving the air traffic controllers efficiency in their work hence significantly reduce air traffic services incidents and ultimately enhance safety within Nairobi flight region.
According to air safety protocols, pilots must make contact with air traffic controllers on the ground when passing from one country's airspace to another.
Air traffic controllers clear the helicopter to enter the Glasgow control zone.
The post Greek air traffic controllers strike, seeking EU-based reforms appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The government of Equatorial Guinea said it graduated its first class of air traffic controllers in Madrid last week.
Ryanair, which was forced to cancel 96 flights, slammed the strike and ''called on the EU Commission to remove the right to strike from Europe's air traffic controllers, who are once more attempting to blackmail ordinary consumers with strikes.
The Committee also confirmed its continuous support to the public sector employees' demands, pointing that the Committee would continue coordinating with it in favor of the interests of both public sector employees and air traffic controllers.
The committee of air traffic controllers is organizing a strike Tuesday to remind officials of its demands as they discuss the enactment of a new salary scale," a statement released by the committee said.
The air traffic controllers feel that up until now they have been ignored.
Summary: The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), under the guidance of Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Director General, has organised a special event to mark the contribution and dedication of the UAE's Air Traffic Controllers.
The inquest heard that air traffic controllers had been given conflicting information regarding the nature of the Cessna flight, with one sheet of paper saying it was an instrument landing system test, which was correct, and another saying it was an instrument rating test.

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