wind turbine

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wind turbine:

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apparatus that harnesses wind power for a variety of uses, e.g., pumping water, grinding corn, driving small sawmills, and driving electrical generators. Windmills were probably not known in Europe before the 12th cent.
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Wind turbine

A device that converts the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy that can be used to drive equipment such as pumps. The addition of a generator allows the wind’s kinetic energy to be converted into electricity. There are two types of wind turbines: horizontal axis turbines, with blades that rotate about a horizontal axis, and vertical axis turbines, with blades rotate about a vertical axis.

wind turbine

[′win ′tər‚bīn]
An advanced type of windmill designed to convert wind energy into electrical energy.
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Due to turbulence flow of the dental air turbine flow field, It should be noted that the [epsilon] and k are not made only to the flow and geometry of the gas, since that method of calculation is complex formula to ease the task of Alternative Methods (introduced hydraulic diameter (the diameter of the inlet nozzle) and the intensity of turbulence) were used.
1, 2], high speed light weight alternator [2], spin test rigs for rotor [3] all make uses air turbine drives.
However, the bacterial count in case of high speed air turbine hand piece was comparable to the previously reported studies.
The air and fuel division is a leading provider of aircraft fuel system components, aerial refueling equipment, high-temperature bleed air valves, turbine clearance control valves, air turbine starters, and aircraft fuel tank inerting systems and components.
The tool, mounted to a robot or CNC machine, has an air turbine motor that utilizes clean, dry, filtered, non-lubricated air that can be vented into the workplace.
When noise measurements are not being conducted, the cold air turbine embedded in the tower can be used as an efficient, eco-friendly source of energy.
Torres-Melero et al reported a case of pneumomediastinum resulting from dental work with a high-speed air turbine drill.
But, new air turbine handpieces were reaching the profession.
CleanSource XR also contains a small, continuous-duty flywheel that handles small fluctuations in power and supports the critical load during the brief period required for the air turbine to reach full speed in the case of an extended outage.
The air turbine motor/spindle setup employs a pivot bearing that permits radial movement of the deburring tool to accommodate handling varied surfaces.