Air-handling unit

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air-handling unit

[′er ¦hand·liŋ ‚yü·nət]
(mechanical engineering)
A packaged assembly of air-conditioning components (coils, filters, fan humidifier, and so forth) which provides for the treatment of air before it is distributed.

Air-handling unit

Heating and/or cooling distribution that channels warm or cool air to different parts of a building. Equipment includes a blower or fan; heating and/or cooling coils; and related equipment such as controls, condensate drain pans, and air filters. It does not include ductwork, registers, grilles, boilers, or chillers. Conditioning may include particle filtering, adding or removing heat and moisture. A varying portion of the return air from the conditioned space may be recirculated and mixed with incoming air.

air-handling unit; packaged fan equipment

An assembly of air-conditioning components (such as fans, cooling coils, filters, humidifiers, and dampers) integrated into a self-contained package and often installed as a single unit, which is connected to system of metal ductwork that distributes the conditioned air.
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Using the coil bypass air-handling unit for healthcare applications, particularly surgical suites, has control implications that usually don't apply to underfloor air or displacement ventilation applications.
Adding an evaporative humidifier to the existing dedicated fresh air-handling unit requires extra space in the existing, almost fully packed mechanical room where the fresh air-handling unit is installed.
A discussion of the minimum outside air portion of the two fan dual duct system, the function of the air-handling unit warm deck heating coil and terminal reheat coil will follow later after the establishment of the energy use advantages of the system.
Were a fire to break out in, say, a trash can in the conference room, the suction of return air by the air-handling unit in the corridor would tend to draw smoke from the conference room out into the corridor--the very corridor that is needed for safe egress by building occupants.
The issue of air-handling unit selection based on coil face velocity was very much on our minds since many calculations on previous projects we were involved in indicated, from a return on investment basis, that lower face velocities than 500 fpm often made good economic sense when the cost of energy was considered.
And, the 20-ton air-handling unit required a perimeter room of approximately 400 square feet to house it, further increasing the loss factor and the effective rental cost per square foot.
Remove and replace the existing rooftop air-handling unit serving the second floor office space of the Main Control Building.
A ducted connection between the relief duct of the nonlab air-handling unit and the intake of the laboratory air-handling unit is shown in Figure 2.
This new drive is suitable for virtually any general purpose application that involves a motor, whether it's on the shop floor, air-handling unit or machine room," said Chris Cusick, marketing manager for Mitsubishi Electric Automation.
In a building served by a chilled beam system, the air-handling unit no longer provides primary load conditioning; it provides only the air required for beam activation and ventilation.
To the air-handling unit for the area solariums the CT system and the port group is renewed at the heater.
Each air-handling unit was provided with a dedicated heat recovery system installed within the enclosure of each unit to avoid heat recovery piping on the roof or outside the air-handling units.