Air Raid

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air raid

[′er ‚rād]
An attack of a place by aircraft; may consist of a bombing or strafing attack against a position or a city.

What does it mean when you dream about an air raid?

In most cases, the meaning of an air raid is straightforward. It reflects a feeling of being assaulted, of being under attack.

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The factory siren sounded only when Cardiff was being bombed; we would then hurry to the works' air-raid shelters.
Still, the air-raid defense effort had to be considered a success.
At the Ahmanson, searchlights rather than fairy wings illuminate the night sky; the sound of bombs prefaces each of the three acts; air-raid alert signs flash in Lez Brotherston's award-winning, stunningly conceived designs.
Air-raid sirens have just sounded, marking the second night of NATO's bombing.