Airborne Operation

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airborne operation

[′er‚bȯrn ‚äp·ə′rā·shən]
An operation involving the movement and delivery by air, into an objective area, of combat forces and their logistic support for execution of a tactical or a strategic mission; the means may be any combination of airborne units, air-transportable units, and types of transport aircraft, depending on the mission and the overall situation.
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Airborne Operation


an action involving airlifts, landings, and the solution of combat tasks in the rear of the enemy, coordinated and interrelated through a single concept and plan for formations and units of airborne troops, and aviation and other forces, in order to attain operational or operational-strategic objectives. The following are the chief indexes of an airborne operation: the objective of the operation, the composition and tasks of the airborne troops, the range and depth of the troop landing in the rear of the enemy, and the duration of the actions in his rear (duration of the operation). The airborne operation as a form of deployment in conducting combat actions in the rear of the enemy arose in World War II (1939-45). But at that time it was not widely applied in practice because of limited capabilities of the airlift of troops and of the support from the front line and because of the relatively slow rate of advance of the troops from the front. The most important operations of this type were the airborne operation of the Soviet Army in the winter of 1942 near Viaz’ma and in 1943 near Cherkassy, as well as the airborne operation of the fascist German troops in 1941 to capture Crete. In 1944 the Anglo-American troops carried out the Normandy and Holland operations, in which airborne forces were used on a large scale. In the postwar period, in view of the development of nuclear weapons and their adoption for service, changes in the character and methods of the armed struggle, improvements in combat and transport capabilities of aviation, development of the airborne forces themselves, and new capabilities of the airlift of other types of troops, the importance of airborne operations has greatly increased and the theory concerning them has been further developed.


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In May, the US forces conducted four more airborne operations in Southeastern Hasaka to rescue a number of entrapped ISIL terrorists, a move done repeatedly by the American forces to provide back up for the terrorist group in Eastern Syria.
As a part of the annual D-Day anniversary celebration, veterans of the original airborne operations from 1944 watch the re-enactments, often with tears streaming down their cheeks.
(41) General Kurt Student, the foremost German authority on airborne operations in World War II, acknowledged that the U.S.
South Korea expects the purchase will boost its fighter jets' airborne operation time by more than an hour, the source added.
Though neither deployment involved an airborne operation, a parachute assault was considered for Haiti because of unknown runway conditions at Port au Prince International Airport and a compelling need to get assistance on the ground rapidly.
However, Montgomery's worst mistake was Operation Market Garden, which, in his words, was supposed to "end the war in Europe by Christmas." This was a massive airborne operation to secure all the bridges in Holland leading to the bridge over the Rhine at Arnhem, allowing the British XXX Corp to enter northern Germany.
troops and European forces who participated in the reenactment of the airborne operation that secured the coast, called Task Force 68, were greeted with cheers.
"According to the exercise scenario, soldiers of the two countries will hold a tactical airborne operation, including reconnaissance of an imaginary terrorists' camp and a raid," Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Col.
He gave a splendid presentation talk on 'Airborne Operation World War 2'.
"The alliance also provides operational support and services for the complete spectrum of airborne operation profiles."
The result was Operation Husky - a large scale amphibious and airborne operation which began on the night of July 9 that year.
Meanwhile, US forces arrested an Iraqi in an airborne operation northern

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