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Robert joined the RAF as an aircraft maintenance technician in 2006 and his final tour was working with the Merlin helicopters of 28 Army Cooperation Squadron at RAF Benson in Oxfordshire.
Ms Dhaif demanded her client's release and argued he was studying to be an aircraft maintenance technician and could be fined BD12,000 and expelled from university if he fails to show up for classes.
Sabiniano, an aircraft maintenance technician, said: "If the two are synchronised, pedestrians and motorists will know when it is their turn and how much time they have left to cross and make a decision ahead of time.
Sergeant McCormack was a line chief in the 705th Troop Carrier Squadron at Ellington Air Force Base, Texas, while Sergeant Clark served as an aircraft maintenance technician in the 65th Troop Carrier Squadron at Davis Field, Okla.
AP) -- A Boeing 727 donated by FedEx will be used by Sowela Technical Community College to provide experience for students in an aircraft maintenance technician program.
The former aircraft maintenance technician and entrepreneur learned some hard lessons when he was part owner in a promising southern Ontario wood composites venture that was done in by poor planning.
An aircraft has a mechanical discrepancy and the man, or woman, you call is a skilled, trained aircraft maintenance technician (AMT).
Its mission is to actively promote and protect the professional aircraft maintenance technician, enhance the future of the profession, and to provide resources and benefits to its members.
Some of the key contracts include Lockheed Martin awarding CAE a contract to provide synthetic training equipment for the rotary-wing element of the United Kingdom's Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) program; Lockheed Martin for CAE to continue managing the in-service support for the Royal Canadian Air Force's (RCAF) CC-130J aircraft maintenance technician training program; and L-3 MAS issuing CAE an order to continue providing in-service support for the RCAF's CF-18 fleet.
Earlier he held various positions of increasing responsibility at Delta Air Lines, from aircraft maintenance technician to general manager - continuous improvement.
In Canada, CAE has secured a five-year contract to continue providing in-service support for the Royal Canadian Air Forces CC-130J aircraft maintenance technician training program.
The Southwest Airlines aircraft maintenance technician and related union (Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA)) said it has requested federal mediation from the National Mediation board (NMB) in its negotiations with the airline.

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