Airship Hangar

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Hangar, Airship


a structure for the construction, storage, and repair of dirigibles. An airship hangar is completely enclosed and is outfitted with equipment for assembling dirigibles and hooks for suspending the dirigibles in the upper part of the structure. In the 1970’s, some countries had small airship hangars and mooring masts for accommodating light semirigid dirigibles.


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Christopher Nolan uses Cardington Studios, an old airship hangar northwest of London.
The meeting that formed what was then known as the Hamburger Luftschiffhallen GmbH (Hamburg Airship Hangars Company or HLG) took place on January 10, 1911, and the field and airship hangar's opening ceremony, which took the form of a fair, followed in the spring of 1912.
Sole surviving airship hangar in Europe, Grade II*, very bad condition.
Back on base, Major Newman takes her lunch break to watch the dedication of their newest airship hangar. Although it contains upgrades such as a new fueling system and mobile scaffolding, this structure's retractable roof sets it apart.
A former airship hangar houses Tropical Islands: a balmy, 700,000-square-foot, indoor resort.
The North Carolina facility will employ up to 300 workers and consist of an airship hangar, visitor center, administrative buildings and manufacturing shops.
The centrepiece of the development, which could create up to 1,000 jobs, is set to be a 55ft tall airship hangar for Richard Bransons Virgin empire.
With Leavesden out of action, Warner has several current or upcoming projects booked into other studios, including "Sherlock Holmes 2" and "Clash of the Titans 2." Helmer Chris Nolan will return to his usual airship hangar in Cardington to shoot the next Batman.