Airship Hangar

Hangar, Airship


a structure for the construction, storage, and repair of dirigibles. An airship hangar is completely enclosed and is outfitted with equipment for assembling dirigibles and hooks for suspending the dirigibles in the upper part of the structure. In the 1970’s, some countries had small airship hangars and mooring masts for accommodating light semirigid dirigibles.


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Open only to drive-through vehicle traffic, the airship hangar will be filled with music of the season and decorated in the holiday spirit.
Today, the location of that original airship hangar is home to two state-of-the-art terminal buildings and the airport's Central Plaza, handling approximately 35,500 passengers a day pass.
Sole surviving airship hangar in Europe, Grade II*, very bad condition.
Back on base, Major Newman takes her lunch break to watch the dedication of their newest airship hangar.
The North Carolina facility will employ up to 300 workers and consist of an airship hangar, visitor center, administrative buildings and manufacturing shops.
The centrepiece of the development, which could create up to 1,000 jobs, is set to be a 55ft tall airship hangar for Richard Bransons Virgin empire.
Wingfoot One is a semi-rigid, Zeppelin model LZ N07-101 assembled at Goodyear's Wingfoot Lake airship hangar.
At 363m long, 225m wide and 107m high it dwarfs the Goodyear Airdock hitherto thought to be the world's largest airship hangar.
There was no charge and a toy contribution was not required to drive through and enjoy the scene, which included Christmas lights and decorations inside the airship hangar while Santa Claus waved from the blimp, the Spirit of Goodyear.
Following the war, Goodyear repurchased C-49 and stored it as a spare in the company's airship hangar at Wingfoot Lake in Suffield, Ohio.
An Airship Hanger and Living Quarters - Aria contributed to the construction of a modern airship hangar to protect this valuable resource and to provide maintenance and operations facilities for the RTA and our support staff.
The contract requires that Aria also provide the RTA with certain ancillary services, including the construction of an Airship hangar.