Airspeed Indicator

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airspeed indicator

[¦er‚spēd ‚in·də‚kād·ər]
A device that computes and displays the speed of an aircraft relative to the air mass in which the aircraft is flying.

Airspeed Indicator


an instrument used in aviation to measure the flight speed of an aircraft (airplane or helicopter) relative to the ambient air. The determination of the airspeed V is necessary in handling an airplane (since the lift from the wing is proportional to the square of the airspeed), as well as for navigational purposes—for example, to calculate the flight path of the airplane.

An airspeed indicator has three main parts: a Pitot-static tube, a duct, and a needle gauge. The Pitot tube measures the static pressure ps and the dynamic (total) pressure Pd. The difference between them equals the dynamic pressure—that is, 0.5 ρ V2, where ρ is the density of the air. The scale is graduated in units of airspeed to correspond to the deformation of the sensing element—the manometric (aneroid) capsule—of the airspeed indicator. When measuring flying speeds above 800 km/hr, a correction is made to take into account the compressibility of air.

The readings of the instrument are directly proportional to the value of ρ, which depends on the pressure p and the temperature T of the ambient air. If they are assumed to be constant(p = 101,325 newtons per sq m = 760 mm of mercury; T = 288° K), then the instrument will show the indicated (instrument) airspeed. If, however, the readings are corrected for their variation with altitude (this is done automatically by a device within the mechanical linkage between the sensing element and the needle), the instrument will show the true airspeed. In practice, airspeed indicators have two needles (combined airspeed indicators), one of which shows instrument readings, and the other the true airspeed.


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The preflight was normal, and I couldn't find any reason for the airspeed indicator to be acting up.
He says some readers have looked at the photos and said the airspeed indicator tops out at 300 mph, far too slow for a jet fighter.
When I walked into the shop at the beginning of my shift, I noticed that the AE1, my shop supervisor, had an airspeed indicator in his hand.
Ice in the tubes means your airspeed indicator will be thrown off.
The plan was to shoot a single engine Instrument Landing System (ILS) approach with my wingman acting as the talking airspeed indicator and altimeter.
Marcot says: "Warning, the airspeed indicator, the airspeed indicator, the airspeed indicator."
Investigators of the Lion Air Flight 610 previously confirmed that the airspeed indicator of the plane had malfunctioned during its last four flights.
A traditional round-dial airspeed indicator, like the one pictured below, includes various color-coded markings to help us remember how to fly.
Your airspeed indicator functions by measuring the difference between the incoming ram air pressure and the ambient static pressure.
Therefore, it was my contract to bias inside the cockpit on the airspeed indicator and VSI, while he focused primarily outside for glideslope and lineup corrections.
Crew on flight JQ12 received error messages from the aircraft's electronic management system and saw readings on an airspeed indicator drop for about 10 seconds.