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/vay'pr-weir/ (UK "vapourware") Products announced far in advance of any release (which may or may not actually take place). The term came from Atari users and was later applied by Infoworld to Microsoft's continuous lying about Microsoft Windows.

See also brochureware.


Software that is not yet in production, but the announced delivery date has long since passed. At times, software vendors are criticized for intentionally producing vaporware in order to keep customers from switching to competitive products that offer more features. However, programmers are notorious for being awful estimators of time. As a result, shipping dates often slip over and over again.

Sometimes, the gap between management and technical staff in software companies is just as large as in user organizations. Dates slip because the project is not managed properly, which can be caused by management's lack of understanding of the scope of the project as well as a lack of knowledge of the competence of the technical staff. In addition, as software projects progress from stage to stage, new functions and changes always seem to creep in.

Remember This Well

"As bad as programmers are at estimating the length of a project, they are equally as optimistic about their ability to meet the requirements and deadlines." See wares.
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Airware, a drone software services company, purchased a French data analytics firm called Redbird.
The largest recipient of investor dollars in the drone world -- at $40 million -- has been Airware of San Francisco, which is building an operating system to let drones and their added components work together.
We're also invested in drones via a company called Airware, which is making the autopilot software for drones.
"This joint venture with Eastar Industries is an important step in AirWare's mission to help people live healthier lives through better breathing," said Jeffrey Rassas, CEO of AirWare Labs.
Allergy Advanced Nasal Filter was developed by Airware Corp., Scottsdale, AZ, using 3M filter media technology.
The contract notably includes the continued supply of Airware , Constellium's low-density Aluminium-Lithium solution, for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplane.
(+12.6%) * Growth Brands Brand Manufacturer Dollar Sales % Growth Clear Passage Aso $6,630,872 +6.4% Air Airware 1,292,906 N/A * Total of supermarkets, drug stores, discount stores (including Walmart), military commissaries, and selected warehouse clubs and dollar stores for the 52 weeks ended 7/14/13.
International Resource News-June 29, 2011--Rio Tinto Alcan's Dubuc plant to raise production of AIRWARE alloys(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing -
The new alloy, called Airware, can compete with and complement composites, Alcan said.
AirWare, Inc., has launched Brez[TM], an antisnoring device that fits inside the nose and lifts, expands, and sup ports the interior walls of the nasal passages to reduce the resistance of airflow.
The package of directions we call software (more like airware today) is going to continue to evolve, and, as hardware shrinks and becomes wireless, you wonder how software will follow.