certificate of airworthiness

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certificate of airworthiness (C of A)

A certificate issued by the national certification authority (e.g., Federal Aviation Administration) to aircraft that meet the minimum standard of airworthiness as specified in the relevant regulations. It certifies that the aircraft is safe to fly. It is mandatory for all civil aircraft to have a certificate of airworthiness before starting commercial operation. Cs of A are issued to individual aircraft and also to generic aircraft types (Type Certification in the United States) when the first example of a type is registered. Certificates of airworthiness on individual aircraft are granted in several categories (e.g., private, public transport, aerial work) and must be renewed at specified intervals. Permits to fly are authorizations granted to aircraft, such as homebuilts, vintage airplanes, warbirds, and some simple classic light aircraft, that are not required to meet the standards demanded for a full C of A. They are accordingly restricted in the kinds of operation for which they may be used.
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Optional equipment and details of interior and a livery color scheme of VRT500 will be determined after the helicopter is issued a type certificate and an airworthiness certificate in accordance with the standards of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) .
In its August 26 statement, Atlas said it "stands ready to accelerate" the pace of talks once the union presents a comprehensive economic proposal and, more importantly, a pilot seniority list within 45 days that integrates Atlas pilots with the 300 or so unionized pilots of Southern Air, a cargo and charter carrier which Atlas acquired in January 2016 that still operates separately under its own federal airworthiness certificate. The receipt of an integrated seniority list is critical to starting the clock that moves the contract process forward.
What is a grounding?A grounding occurs when the relevant safety regulator (the FAA in the United States, or the European Aviation Safety Agency in Europe) removes the airworthiness certificate for a certain kind of plane.
'We received airworthiness certificate of the aircraft from Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh (CAAB) Wednesday," Meraj added.
It has not been inspected since that time and, thus, it lacks a current airworthiness certificate. The plane is currently housed at an airport in Florida.
Apropos news published in your paper about report submitted in SC Pakistan that Bhoja Air was allowed to restart operations with an aircraft which was not issued Airworthiness Certificate, nor was crew properly trained, yet they were allowed to fly killing 152 human beings on 20 April 2012.
The judicial inquiry had found that Bhoja Air had flown and the CAA had allowed an aircraft which did not have the relevant airworthiness certificate to fly, while the airline itself was in poor financial health and its staff not properly trained to deal with emergency situations and bad weather.
The report stated that Bhoja Air had requested CAA to grant permission to fly Boeing 737-236 without Airworthiness Certificate.
The report presented by the federal government stated that Bhoja Air requested CAA to grant the permission to fly Boeing 737-236 without Airworthiness Certificate.
ISLAMABAD -- The defunct Bhoja Air, whose Boeing 737-236 aircraft had crashed in Islamabad in 2012, had asked the Civil Association Authority (CAA) to grant the doomed aircraft permission to fly without an Airworthiness Certificate, stated a report submitted in the Supreme Court of Pakistan by the federal government on Monday.
The report further stated that the defunct airline had asked the Civil Association Authority (CAA) to grant the doomed aircraft permission to fly without an Airworthiness Certificate.
Cora has been given an experimental airworthiness certificate from the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority.