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Ajax (āˈjăks), Gr. Aias, in Greek mythology. 1 Hero of the Trojan War, son of Telamon, thus called the Telamonian Ajax, also called Ajax the Greater. In the Iliad he is represented as a gigantic man, slow of thought and speech, but quick in battle and always showing courage. He led the troops of Salamis against Troy and was one of the foremost Greek warriors, fighting both Hector and Odysseus to draws. He and Odysseus rescued the corpse of Achilles from the Trojans, but when the armor of Achilles was awarded to Odysseus, the disappointment of Ajax was so great that he went mad and committed suicide. The Ajax of Sophocles deals with the madness and death of the great warrior. Ajax had hero cults at Salamis, Attica, and Troad. 2 Leader of the forces from Locris in the Trojan War, called the Locrian Ajax, Ajax of Oileus (after his father, Oileus), or Ajax the Lesser, because he was not the equal of the Telamonian Ajax. In the sack of Troy he violated Cassandra at the altar of Athena, and Athena caused him to be shipwrecked on the way home. Poseidon saved him, but Ajax, boasting of his own power, defied the lightning to strike him down and was instantly struck by it. Other versions of the story say that he stole the Palladium and that later Poseidon destroyed him for blasphemy.
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Ajax (the greater)

archetypal Miles Gloriosus. [Br. Lit.: Troilus and Cressida]


(the lesser) boastful and insolent; drowns due to vanity. [Gk. Myth.: Kravitz, 14]
See: Conceit

Ajax (the Greater)

kills himself in rage over loss of Achilles’ armor. [Rom. Lit.: Aeneid]
See: Suicide
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(Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) A collection of techniques for creating interactive web applications without having to reload the complete web page in response to each user input, thus making the interaction faster. AJAX typically uses the XMLHttpRequest browser object to exchange data asynchronously with the web server. Alternatively, an IFrame object or dynamically added <script> tags may be used instead of XMLHttpRequest.

Despite the name, Ajax can combine any browser scripting language (not just JavaScript) and any data representation (not just XML). Alternative data formats include HTML, plain text or JSON.

Several Ajax frameworks are now available to simplify Ajax development.
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(Asynchronous JAvaScript and XML) Using an enhancement in JavaScript that allows Web pages to be more interactive and behave like local applications, which are also known as "rich client" applications. AJAX allows the Web page to retrieve small amounts of data from the server without reloading the entire page.

Also known as "remote scripting," AJAX allows Web-based applications to be designed like LAN-based applications. Prior to AJAX, any retrieval of data from the server required that the entire Web page be refreshed in the user's computer. As a result, systems were often designed with less interaction; for example, to have the user submit a form only at the end, after all fields were filled in. In contrast, AJAX systems can validate one or two items at a time "behind the scenes" without making the session cumbersome, especially over slow connections.

The XMLHTTPRequest Object
The JavaScript function that makes AJAX possible is the XMLHTTPRequest object, which was added to the JavaScript runtime module in the Web browser. It was first available in IE 5, Mozilla 1.0, Safari 1.2 and Opera 8. The XMLHTTPRequest object returns the data formatted in a DOM document.

Web Workers
Subsequent to AJAX, Web Workers is another method for making Web-based applications function like locally installed applications. For more details, see Web Workers. See AJAX engine, AJAX framework, ARAX, rich client, JavaScript and DOM.
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