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see AqabaAqaba
, town (1996 est. pop. 52,000), SW Jordan, at the head of the Gulf of Aqaba, on the border with Israel. It is the only Jordanian port with direct access to the Red Sea; it remains the trade entrepôt to Iraq. Phosphates are the chief export.
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, Jordan.


, Akaba
the only port in Jordan, in the southwest, on the Gulf of Aqaba. Pop.: 46 090 (1990 est.)
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When he died (Lawrence was fatally injured after losing control of his motorcycle close to his home in Dorset in May 1935 - he was 46) I sent a piece of rush-grass that I'd brought back from Akaba to his brother, A.
He admitted that many lives were lost in a flooding incident in the Akaba but said it was now safe for anyone to travel through.
Others at the morning meeting were Foreign Minister Taro Aso and Senior Vice Finance Minister Kazuyoshi Akaba, according to Abe.
In July 1917 Lawrence captured Akaba on the Red Sea after what was thought to be an impossible journey, a torturous six-hundred-mile ride through the desert and descent from the interior to the unguarded eastern side of the town.
GENIAL Geoff Wells, chairman of the Coventry REME Association seeks John Simmons, who was a driver, MT section with first Bn Royal Lincolnshire regiment, stationed in Moascar, Suex Canal Zone and Akaba, Jordan, in 1951.
Even the rugged major has been astonished by the toughness of the locals - men like 25-year-old Akaba who walked 16 miles through driving snow to check on his family in an isolated village.
Shunichi Terasaka, (1,2) Yukie Aita, (1) Akio Inoue, (1,3) Shinichi Hayashi, (3) Michiko Nishigaki, (4) Kazuhiko Aoyagi, (4) Hiroki Sasaki, (4) Yuko Wada-Kiyama, (5) Yasuo Sakuma, (5) Shuichi Akaba, (6) Junko Tanaka, (7) Hideko Sone, (7) Junzo Yonemoto, (7) Masao Tanji, (8) and Ryoiti Kiyama, (1,8)
At the same time, Sharon issued demolition orders for 12 out of 18 Palestinian homes in the village of Akaba.
Akaba, Foundstone, Qualys, Sanctum, and VIGILANTe are in a second round of security vendors lined up by Aventail as "policy enforcement partners" for its EPC-compliant EX-1500 SSL VPN appliance.
Furthermore, the Arab population of Mandatory Palestine, the area between the Mediterranean and the line of the River Jordan, the Dead Sea and thence a wedge till the Gulf of Akaba, was a little over a million, according to a Mandatory census in 1941.
A self-fulfilling prophecy as Akaba took offence, killed Dan and buried him with his stomach split open and a tree planted over him.