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an archaeological site of the Neolithic, Bronze, and early Iron ages (third to first millennia B.C.) in Estonian SSR, on the west bank of Chudskoe Lake, in the estuary region of Emajõgi River. Akali was discovered in 1937 and excavated during 1938, 1939, 1949–52, and 1966. Because of a rise in the level of the rivers, the population gradually migrated up the slope of a hill. Various types of clay pottery are characteristic of Akali: Narva, pit-comb, corded, textiled, cross-hatched, and smooth-walled ceramics. Stone, bone, and amber articles have been found.


Ianits, L. Iu. Poseleniia epokhi neolita i rannego metalla v priust’e r. Emaiygi. Tallin, 1959.


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By putting students behind bars and slapping them with serious charges of attempt to murder, the Akalis have only shown their cruel face," he remarked in a statement.
Because after all the Akalis have been the pioneers of politics of free power.
Akalis gained in strength after joining hands with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which had its pockets of influence among urban Hindu voters.
What about the sacrifices of the common people and the Akalis to save Punjab?
Blaming Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal for his failure to curb the drug menace, he lashed out at the Akalis for promoting and peddling drugs in the state.
Akalis had criticised India's ruling Congress party vice-president Rahul Gandhi, who during the 2012 Punjab assembly elections said that 70 per cent of Punjab's youth were hooked to drugs.
Capt Amarinder also pointed out that Jaitley has obviously tried to indicate that while the Akalis exclusively represent the Sikh community the BJP exclusively represents the Hindu community.
Akalis along with the Shiv Sena are among the oldest allies of the BJP and is part of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA).
However, he pointed out, it was Badal, Akalis and now the BJP who for their partisan interests were raising the issues Punjab otherwise wanted to put behind.
Amarinder, who is Congress' deputy leader in the Lok Sabha, accused the BJP of adopting dual standards by supporting and opposing the Akalis at the same time and announced the party will hold a public rally at Amritsar on January 22 against the alleged misrule of the Akali- BJP government.
Moreover, he added, "the Akalis always conspired to keep me out of the assembly with their unconstitutional and illegal order of my expulsion which was later set aside by the Honourable Supreme Court of India with severe strictures against the Akali government".
The Akalis put all speculation to rest about who will be the new Punjab chief minister by nominating veteran Badal.