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akamba, an african people inhabiting the basins of the Galana and Tana rivers in southern Kenya. Population, 1.2 million (1967 estimate). Their language belongs to the Bantu family.

By tradition, the Kamba came from the southeast, from the region of Mount Kilimanjaro (according to some data, in the first half of the 18th century). The territory of the Kamba was under English rule until 1963. The people are farmers and cattle raisers, although some are going to the cities in search of work. Most of the Kamba adhere to local traditional religions; some are Christians.


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Out of these complex realities emerged the idea of creating a church which could be at the same time faithful to the gospel and embrace the cultural values and strengths of Akamba people.
The county of the Akamba community has experienced persistent droughts and famines.
"Most tourists have gone since 2007 and the election unrest, business just hasn't been the same," said Akamba's director Jackson Mwaniki, adding that the global financial crisis had combined to provide a perfect storm for Kenyan tourism.
[8.] Steenbergen VM, Kusin JA and VN Rens Lactation Performance of Akamba Mothers, Kenya.
For unknown reasons the Akamba people became Hemingway's favorites and he sought membership in the Kamba ethnic group.
He's just thrown open the gates to his new Akamba plant nursery in Trueman's Heath Road.
For instance, he distinguishes between societies that had highly centralized authority, such as the Zulu and Ashanti in South Africa and Ghana respectively, and those with 'less intrusive' governing structures, such as the Akamba and Kikuyu in Kenya.
The majority of the population (total population: over 40,000) is Akamba, a Bantu-speaking group.
Akamba wood carvers: At this Mombasa co-operative 4,000 carvers work in a series of long sheds, selling what they produce in a huge showroom.
Adaptation to the Question of Identity, Support, and Enculturation Among the Akamba Christian Families in Nairobi, Kenya
Excision is found among communities such as Akamba, Maasai, Kisii, and the Kalenjin.
Cockburn has served as a producer for CBS and ABC, a correspondent for PBS Frontline and a contributing editor for Vanity Fair, with a passion for foreign affairs that dates to a trip at age 18 to study women's roles in Kenya's Akamba tribe.