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The Akan people constitute the largest ethnic group in Ghana, West Africa.
As Ephirim-Donkor further explains: "to assist in their search for answers, the Akan seek out mediums, Akomfo, because they are indispensable to pinning down the precise supernatural causality of deaths in order to reassure an otherwise anxious community to proceed with burial obsequies" (Ephirim-Donkor, 2008, p.
Take the Akan example of freedom from religious dogmatism.
The Akan of Ghana say that ancient resting places are no longer in use today, "and yet the tripod continues to be the simplest form of stove.
Linguists point to the broad zone of Akan languages in Ghana's southern and middle belts--an area in which there have historically been significant political, social, and economic interactions among peoples.
Akan influence is fairly strong among the Senoufo, some of whom have adopted matrilineal descent systems resembling that of the Akan .
The notion of the ground of existence is very much steeped in Western metaphysics, as also is my good friend Gyekye's account of the Akan conception of God when he says "Onyame [God in the Akan language] is the Absolute Reality, the origin of all things, the absolute ground, the sole and whole explanation of the universe" (in An Essay on African Philosophical Thought,(4) another classic of contemporary African philosophy).
But thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Akans have symbolically come together again in art form to celebrate their heroes and distinguished personalities who have long joined the ancestors.
Given that linkages between the Akan and Ancient Egyptian languages were not direct but mediated through a Soninke connection involving multi-millennial migrations over thousands of kilometres, I did not expect to encounter Ancient Egyptian words with the same sounds and meanings as Akan words.
In Akan societies in Ghana, for example, we emphasise the sacredness of the individual human being with this saying: "Every person is somebody else's presumptive heir.