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see IkhnatonIkhnaton
or Akhenaton
[Egyptian,=Aton is satisfied], d. c.1354 B.C., king of ancient Egypt (c.1372–1354 B.C.), of the XVIII dynasty; son and successor of Amenhotep III. His name at his accession was Amenhotep IV, but he changed it to honor the god Aton.
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, Akhenaton
original name Amenhotep IV. died ?1358 bc, king of Egypt, of the 18th dynasty; he moved his capital from Thebes to Tell El Amarna and introduced the cult of Aten
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This account by Flavius seems to explain the cause of the rebellion of Akhenaton against the religion of his ancestors, and the war that the 'leprous' Egyptians made against their nation.
I really believe that the reason for the deformities and the weakness in the bones came because Akhenaton, his father, married his full sister," Hawass said.
But other Egyptologists say Akhenaton's predecessor, Pharaoh Amenhotep III, could have been Tutankhamen's father, while others say it was Smenkhkare, who is believed to have succeeded Akhenaton.
Akhenaton was the first Pharaoh to advocate monotheism, not just in ancient Egypt, but in the world.
Akhenaton must overcome the corruption of those around him to ensure the continuing glory of his kingdom.
He added that Akhenaton, who won by a length and a half under Glen Boss, could tackle a race like the Cox Plate if he keeps improving.
Thus Caribbean personal identity, the local characters of the novel, are at one and the same time Leonardo, Marx, Socrates, Montezuma, Judas, and the mother of Akhenaton, in a display of cross-culturalism that is an example of the tethering (and the lack of confrontation) of which Bhabha speaks.
A concise scholarly preface informs us that the Pharaoh Akhenaton, the founder of Heliopolis (early city of the sun) "emphasized the universal supremacy of the sun, and the images he uses to evoke the scope and depth of Aten's powers suggest an emerging monotheism.
At the museum, we stood in front of an ancient Egyptian relief depicting a ceremony presided over by the Pharaoh Akhenaton and his queen, Nefertiti.
Theban Desert Road Survey II: The Rock Shrine ofPahu, Gebel Akhenaton, and Other Rock Inscriptions from the Western Hinterland of Qamula.
Among the displayed artefacts are two statues of King Tutankhamen made of cedar wood and covered with gold, a statue of King Akhenaton, Ushabtis statues which belonged to the Nubian kings, a mummy of a child and a small plychrome glass vase.
Ses membres, dont Akhenaton, poursuivent en parallele des projets personnels maintenant ainsi un equilibre benefique avec leur entreprise collective.