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see IkhnatonIkhnaton
or Akhenaton
[Egyptian,=Aton is satisfied], d. c.1354 B.C., king of ancient Egypt (c.1372–1354 B.C.), of the XVIII dynasty; son and successor of Amenhotep III. His name at his accession was Amenhotep IV, but he changed it to honor the god Aton.
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, Akhenaton
original name Amenhotep IV. died ?1358 bc, king of Egypt, of the 18th dynasty; he moved his capital from Thebes to Tell El Amarna and introduced the cult of Aten
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The section on the first four years of Akhenaton, on the other hand, is well presented, and this reviewer enjoyed Schlogl's overview of the officials dated to this time period.
This account by Flavius seems to explain the cause of the rebellion of Akhenaton against the religion of his ancestors, and the war that the 'leprous' Egyptians made against their nation.
I really believe that the reason for the deformities and the weakness in the bones came because Akhenaton, his father, married his full sister," Hawass said.
But other Egyptologists say Akhenaton's predecessor, Pharaoh Amenhotep III, could have been Tutankhamen's father, while others say it was Smenkhkare, who is believed to have succeeded Akhenaton.
Akhenaton was the first Pharaoh to advocate monotheism, not just in ancient Egypt, but in the world.
Como renacido Akhenaton, Kelsen abandono el positivismo antiguo de antes de la Primera Gran Guerra y descubrio un nuevo imperio positivista (Mortati, 2000: 21-34).
One of the world's first feminists, she shunned her destiny as regent and, despite her gender, donned the royal headdress and a fake beard and ruled Egypt for 15 years in the royal line that later produced Akhenaton and Tutankhamun.
A sculptured relief of Akhenaton and his family (Kleiner, 2009:75), the playful statuettes of a jockey (Richter, 1994:178) and musician (Fleming, 1995:83) from Greek Hellenistic art; the irreverent tugging of dad's toga from a little boy on the Ara Pacis (Kleiner, 2009:257) all date from the pre-Christian era.
La historiografia tradicional otorgo el honor de romper la dinamica amoniana al famoso Akhenaton (41), aunque la tendencia historiografica en los ultimos anos sostiene que no hubo despues de la muerte del singular y sobrevalorado monarca una restauracion, una vuelta inmediata a la primacia del dios imperial Amon, ni un traslado de la capital a la <<ciudad de dios>> (42), Tebas y por contra parece que aun bajo Horemhab existe una marcada reticencia respecto al dios, frente a la cual se constata un favorecimiento de las deidades de Heliopolis y Menfis (43).
I believe the figures are wrongly identified and they are in fact those of Akhenaton and his wife Neffertiti.
The series' title song (which sold 100,000 singles) and videoclips were cut by hip-hop star Akhenaton, better Known for Gallic gangsta tracks like "Marseilles Bad Boys.
as the fifth pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty, whose later members included Akhenaton and Tutankhamun.