Akhmed Dzhavad

Dzhavad, Akhmed


(pseudonym; full name, Dzhavad Mamedali ogly Akhundzade). Born in 1892; died in 1937. Soviet Azerbaijani poet.

Dzhavad was born in the village of Seifali, Shamkhor Raion. He was the son of a peasant. His works were first published in 1913. His first collection of verses, Goshma, appeared in 1916. In the poems “Are We Not Brothers” (1929), “Kura” (1930), “Cotton” (1931), “Moscow” (1935), and others, Dzhavad extolled the friendship of peoples and love for the homeland. The melodiousness, freshness, and rich imagery of Dzhavad’s lyrics brought him popularity. He translated into Azerbaijani Shakespeare’s Othello, A. S. Pushkin’s poems, Sh. Rustaveli, and other poets.


Sheirlär. Baku, 1958.