Akhmeteli, Aleksandr Vasilevich

Akhmeteli, Aleksandr (Sandro) Vasil’evich


Born April 1 (13), 1886, in the village of Anaga, now in the Georgian SSR. Died 1937. Soviet director. Became People’s Artist of the Georgian SSR in 1933. Graduated from the law department of the University of St. Petersburg (1916). Engaged in literary activity.

Akhmeteli made his debut as a director in 1920. He was a student of K. A. Mardzhanishvili. From 1922 to 1926 he was a director and from 1926 to 1935, principal director at the Rustaveli Theater (Tbilisi). His productions included Zagmuk by Glebov (1926), Anzor by Shanshiashvili (1928), Break-up by Lavrenev (1928), City of Winds by Kirshon (1929), Lamara after Vazha Pshavela (1930), Tetnul’d by

Dadiani (1931), and The Robbers (In Tirannos!) by Schiller (1933). Akhmeteli was one of the founders of the Soviet Georgian theater. His work strengthened the heroic-romantic creative orientation of the Rustaveli Theater and, to a large extent, of the Georgian theater as a whole.


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