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For the record, the plays are: Black Coffee, And Then There Were None, Appointment with Death, Murder on the Nile, The Hollow, Witness for the Prosecution, Spider's Web, A Daughter's a Daughter, Verdict, The Unexpected Guest, Go Back for Murder, Fiddlers Three, Rule of Three, The Patient, The Rats, Afternoon at the Seaside, The Yellow Iris, Three Blind Mice, Personal Call, Butter in a Lordly Dish, Akhnaton, The Wasp's Nest, Towards Zero and, of course, The Mousetrap.
Aye had after all been Tutankhamun's eminence grise , the power behind the throne and he had ruled Egypt in this guise for years as he would rule it again before being toppledin t urn by Horemheb, a military man who would finally attempt to erase from sight all trace of Tutankhamun, his father Akhnaton and Aye.