Akosombo Dam

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Akosombo Dam,

Ghana: see VoltaVolta
, river, c.290 mi (470 km) long, formed in central Ghana, W Africa, by the confluence of the Black Volta (or Mouhon, c.840 mi/1,350 km long) and the White Volta (or Nakambe, c.450 mi/720 km long), both of which rise in Burkina Faso.
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, river.
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Inaugurating the Board for the Ghana Integrated Aluminum Development Corporation last Friday at the Jubilee house, the President charged the Board, and I quote: 'the time has come to make a concerted effort, not only to bring the raw materials into play, but to establish the full value chain of the product, so we can have a vibrant aluminum industry in Ghana.' Indeed, Mr Speaker, the construction of the Akosombo Dam was premised on the establishment of the Volta Aluminum Company (Valco) to produce aluminum for both local and international market.
The Akosombo dam, which was built in 1965 to provide electricity for the aluminium industry, now produces power for domestic and industrial use along with three other dams.
Mean- while, if a shortage of rain undermines the generating capacity of major hydro plants such as Ghana's Akosombo dam, affected countries may be able to step up their import of power from gas genera- tors elsewhere in the region.
Delegates will arrive in the Eastern Region on 20th June, 2018 to take a tour of the Akosombo Dam Site, after which they will have lunch at Royal Senchi Resort.
Since 1965, the government of Ghana started the construction of Akosombo Dam, forming Lake Volta, the largest water storage reservoir in Africa and even the world [7].
The "Before Akosombo" stage is the time period, which preceded the construction of Akosombo Dam in 1966 to produce power.
VVGOOGLING a runner Lake Volta 2.10 Brighton Lake Volta is a large reservoir contained behind the Akosombo Dam in Ghana and has a surface area of 3,283 square miles.
Members of the Cabinet have all travelled to the Akosombo Dam and they and their civil servants have taken all the cars ...
In the fifth chapter, "The Damming of Africa," the author examines the Akosombo Dam on the Volta River in Ghana and the Stigler's Gorge Dam on the Rufiji River in Tanzania.
(15) The Volta Lake is the largest man-made lake in the world, created as a reservoir by Akosombo Dam. (16) Its surface is near 8,500 [km.sup.2], the average depth is about 18.8 m and the greatest depth is 90 m, with a shoreline of about 5,500 km.