Akper Aliev

Aliev, Akper


(published his works under the pseudonym Rukhi). Born 1908, in Ashkhabad. Soviet Turkmenian writer and literary scholar. Member of CPSU since 1943. Born into the family of a carpenter. Graduated from the Pedagogical Institute in Baku.

Aliev was first published in 1927. His poems deal with the kolkhoz village (the poem “Komsomol,” 1936), the emancipation of women (the poem “Annagiul’,” 1952), friendship between peoples, and the struggle for peace. He wrote the novella The Letters of Siul’giun (1955) about Soviet youth, various works on Turkmenian literature and a monograph on the life and works of the 19th-century poet Kemine. He was decorated with three orders.


Keminäning ömri ve döredizhiligi. Ashkhabad, 1956.
Oktyabr’ ve türkmen edöbiyatï. Ashkhabad, 1957.
Iki yolung chatrïgïnda. Ashkhabad, 1960.
Dünyä ayaga galyar. Ashkhabad, 1962.
In Russian translation: Stikhi. Moscow, 1951.
Rodina moia. Ashkhabad, 1952.