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Akrotiri Sovereign Base Area,


Western Sovereign Base Area,

British air force base (2004 est. pop. 6,300), 47 sq mi (123 sq km), located on a peninsula on the SW Cyprus coast; an overseas territory of Great Britain. In addition to the military facilities, whose residents are exclusively military personnel and other British citizens, Akrotiri includes a salt lake and wetlands. Great Britain retains full sovereignty and jurisdiction over Akrotiri and DhekeliaDhekelia
, Dhekelia Sovereign Base Area,
or Eastern Sovereign Base Area,
British military base (2004 est. pop. 7,200), c.51 sq mi (131 sq km), SE Cyprus, on Larnaca Bay; an overseas territory of Great Britain.
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 under an arrangement that dates from the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus in 1960.
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Somee1/4500m in investments need to go towards saving energy and using renewable energy sources in Cyprus by 2019, while efforts to prepare a photovoltaic park in Akrotiri are moving ahead, it emerged on Monday.
Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May signs an autograph for a boy at a kindergarten school during her visit to RAF Akrotiri on December 22, 2017.
2017 - 10:00 locus: Akrotiri, Chania persons authorized to be present at the opening of tenders: Yes additional information about authorized persons and the process of opening bids: Participants or their representatives.
But I'm flying out with easyJet to RAF Akrotiri to meet the people at the forefront the UK's air campaign against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, just a few hundred miles away.
Since then the Tornado GR4s and Typhoon FGR4s stationed at RAF Akrotiri - backed by unmanned Reaper drones - have only struck in Iraq, where they are supporting Kurdish ground forces attacking IS.
Fallon arrived at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus as British warplanes again hit a Syrian oil field controlled by the extremists.
Mr Fallon was speaking during a visit to RAF Akrotiri, where he thanked military personnel for their commitment to tackling the terrorist threat in Syria and Iraq.
Speaking at RAF Akrotiri on Cyprus where the UK strike force is based, Mr Fallon said future missions would see them attack IS's headquarters and its command and control structure.
Four Tornados took off from RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus shortly after MPs voted to approve bombing ISIL's strongholds, a Ministry of Defence spokesman said.
British forces were gearing up for further attacks against the militants, with more fighter jets arriving at RAF Akrotiri on Cyprus from where the bombing missions are carried out.
The pilot and co pilot sit in the cockpit of an RAF Tornado GR4 as it taxis on the runway at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, after returning to The pilot and co pilot sit in the cockpit of an RAF Tornado GR4 as it taxis on the runway at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, after returning to THE decision to bomb Syria is a dangerous one which flies in the face of public opinion, says the anti-war lobby.