Aksenov, Vladimir

Aksenov, Vladimir Viktorovich


Born Feb. 1, 1935, in the village of Giblitsy, Kasimov Raion, Riazan’ Oblast. Pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR. Hero of the Soviet Union (1976). Member of the CPSU since 1959.

Aksenov graduated from a machine-building technicum in 1953 and studied at a military flight school and at the Chuguev Military Aviation School. He joined the staff of a design office in 1957. Aksenov graduated from the All-Union Correspondence Polytechnical Institute in 1963 and became a cosmonaut in 1973.

From Sept. 15 to Sept. 23, 1976, Aksenov flew aboard the Soyuz 22 spacecraft as flight engineer with V. F. Bykovskii. The flight lasted seven days 21 hr 54 min. Aksenov has been awarded the Order of Lenin and various medals.