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a massif in the Tien-Shan, in the Kirghiz SSR. The Akshiirak runs south-southwest to north-northeast, forming the watershed between the upper reaches of the Naryn River and the rivers of the Sarydzhaz basin (the Uchkel’ and others).

The Akshiirak massif consists of three echelon-type parallel ranges, with sublatitudinal strike. The greatest altitude of the massif is 5,126 m; its length is about 50 km. The rocks of the strata are metamorphic shales, limestones, and granites. The Akshiirak is an important glaciation center of the Tien-Shan. The glaciated area covers 439 sq km. The largest of the 59 glaciers is the Petrov; this is the source of the Naryn River. Alpine topography predominates (subniveous and glacioniveous).


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