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Greece: see AthosAthos
, Aktí
, or Akte
, easternmost of the three peninsulas of Khalkidhikí, c.130 sq mi (340 sq km), NE Greece, in Macedonia. The narrow, northern base of the peninsula was once cut by canal dug by the Persians during Xerxes' invasion of Greece
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The Third Logic (Cambridge, 2001); Mineke van Essen, Kwekeling: tussen akte en ideaal.
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Als Lehrende wollen wir Akte veranlassen, die wir selbst hinter uns gebracht haben und die sich unserer Erinnerung versagen.
AKTE is a relevant actor that contributes to a better understanding by Swiss population, issues related to the theme of "Tourism and Development".
Through its targeted information campaigns that empower all categories of actors, AKTE involved in the design of a more just and united world.
Nors paciame akte saugos reikalavimai apibrezti abstrakciai, Nacionalinis standartu ir technologiju institutas (NIST, angl.
With the Akte Blanix trilogy now completed, the sparkle in his eye leaves no doubt that the next daredevil project is just around the corner: "Somewhere deep down the next idea is already brewing," grinned the Austrian.
7) Or, as Edmund Husserl writes: "Es genugt nicht zur Personality, dass das Subjekt seiner selbst innewird als Pol seiner Akte, sie konstituiert sich erst, indem das Subjekt in soziale Beziehung tritt zu anderen Subjekten [.
Sio pagrindinio skiriancio vyksmo pobudzio perspektyvoje rakursas reiksmes teikianciame ir reiksmes keicianciame akte jau iskyla kaip tam tikra interpretacija.
Dalyvauti komunikacijos akte galima tik tuomet, jeigu samoneje (ilgalaikeje atmintyje) yra stabiliai uzfiksuoti kalbos dalykai.
AKTE chief executive Al Waleed Aldryn said, The acquisition of a majority stake in GII is a valuable addition to our group because of its specialisation in providing much needed talent development services to the insurance and financial market that is growing rapidly in Saudi Arabia and the region.